“Amex ZA Graphic Arts Challenge” winners and Rosebank mural announced

Five local artists were announced as winners of the inaugural “Amex ZA Graphic Arts Challenge”. The announcement was made at a First Thursdays exhibition at Keyes Art Mile in Rosebank on 2 March 2023. Graphic artists, illustrators, and designers were called to create artwork based on the theme, ‘the vibrant African marketplace – everyone is welcome’. Winning artwork will be featured in new marketing materials for businesses who welcome American Express Card Members in South Africa.

John Wills (Amex), Khensi Nobanda (Nedbank) with the winners

The challenge was organised by Nedbank, the authorised card issuer and merchant acquirer of American Express in South Africa.

The five winners, Mark Modimola, Nene Mahlangu, Hlulani Trevor Hlongwane, Michelle Ewany Opani and Althea Botha, were each awarded R100 000, distributed by Nedbank, and will soon see their work appear on signage in American Express-accepting merchants across South Africa.

Khensi Nobanda (Nedbank) and Nene Mahlangu (winner)

American Express and Nedbank also announced that, in partnership with Keyes Art Mile, mural of Mark Modimola’s work, Ubuntu Flux will be painted on the side of the Trumpet building. This will be the first major mural on a landmark building in Rosebank and signifies American Express’s commitment to spreading messages of acceptance within the communities of South Africa.

‘We are so inspired by the number of high-quality entries received from South Africa’s wealth of talented creatives,’ says James Wainaina, Business Development Vice President, Sub-Saharan Africa, American Express. ‘The winning entries are all rooted in the vibrant hospitality that South Africa is known for globally and carry welcoming messages that American Express is proud to support.’

Winning artwork by Michelle Ewany

The panel of judges included Lady Skollie, a visual artist; Theresa Mkwanazi (Head of Product Marketing at Nedbank); Moemise Kekana (Integrated Creative Director at Joe Public United); Zanele Kumalo (Editor, Digital Media Specialist and Associate Director at Kalashnikovv Gallery); Theresho Selesho (Creative Entrepreneur and CEO of Matchbox Live); Maaike Bakker (Head of Visual Communication at Open Window); and Eben Keun (Founder and Chief Brand Architect at Breinstorm Brand Architects).

For more information, visit www.graphicarts.africa

POB Presents The Dialogues 2021 Youth Edition in Partnership with Unlocked.Me by Nedbank

POB Dialogues

In conjunction with the Pat on Brands Top 16 Brands by the Youth, Pat on Brands will engage in a panel discussion under the Pat on Brands Dialogues, which will be held on the last day of youth month. This year we are partnering with Nedbank to make this insightful conversation possible.

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Nedbank reveals the secret behind Secrets


Secrets, a new short-form movie, was launched at a glittering premiere at NuMetro’s Hyde Park cinema today, where it was revealed that Nedbank is behind the film, trailers for which have been prominent on multiple channels for the first two weeks of July.

Being a responsible corporate citizen

“We’re excited about this being a first for the financial services industry, and with the topic being that of money, which is viewed as taboo. We wanted to keep Nedbank’s involvement secret until the launch to provide maximum impact—and to connect with the movie’s theme,” says Khensani Nobanda, Group Executive Marketing & Corporate Affairs at Nedbank.

Khensani further added that given the extent of the problem, Nedbank felt it was imperative to initiate a national conversation about the secret mainsprings of our money behaviour as a responsible corporate citizen.

The stars of the movie

The movie starred Brett Williams, Hlubi Mboya and Lindiwe Dim, Faniswa Yisa, Tevin Musara, Rolanda Marias, and shot by Romance Films under the creative direction of Joe Public United.

Secrets tells the stories of three South Africans. The stories chronicle the devastating impact on them and those around them caused by their secret, unquestioned money habits.

A partnership with Dr Tshepiso Matentjie

Nedbank has partnered with psychologist, Dr Tshepiso Matentjie, to create a framework for this journey based on the concept of emotional wealth.

“Understanding that our supposedly rational minds are actually influenced by largely unacknowledged emotional triggers is the starting point of the journey—something that the film communicates so poignantly,” Dr Matentjie says. “We also want to introduce the concept of emotional wealth, the mindset that supports the attainment of a positive relationship with money within the context of our own personal goals.”

Together with Nedbank executives, she has adapted eight money archetypes to the South African context to help facilitate this process. Clients will then be helped to use this knowledge to take positive action; uncover money secrets and adjust behaviours as necessary.

Financial experts who do good

Nobanda says that this campaign is a natural outcome of Nedbank’s positioning as Financial experts who do good. The realisation that South Africans need to manage their money well is also prompting the bank to rethink the way it offers its products and services.

Nedbank is adopting a more holistic approach aimed at supporting customers’ journey towards financial freedom, rather than simply offering point solutions and products.

Secrets is hopefully the first step on a journey towards deeper knowledge about why we make the money decisions we do, and ultimately to make better ones,” Nobanda concludes.

SA Youth demand more from banks to prosper

Nedbank unlocked

With half the South African population under 26, banks have to rethink what they offer this important market segment, and how. The right kind of banking support is a critical lever in helping the youth achieve its potential, but it needs to be complemented by a total solution that encompasses not only negotiating today’s challenges but lays the foundation for achieving future goals.

“I never advise clients to follow their passion lightly. They first have to work out how they can afford to do that,” said Samke Mhlongo, founder and Chief Executive of The Next Chapter Wealth Partners. “It starts with a very practical understanding of what you need to do not to set up the income streams you will need to achieve your dreams somewhere down the line.”

Ms Mhlongo was one of the panellists discussing the needs and challenges of South Africa’s youth at a function hosted by Nedbank.

“Are you just selling a product or are you helping me create wealth? If a bank gets that right, it will have a client for life,” she said.

Student and Social media influencer Mihali Ndamase said that the youth had very individual definitions of what constitutes wealth. This means that banks need to become better at reading what customers want, and flexible enough to provide it. Fellow panellist Rivo Mhlari, emerging entrepreneur and founder of Rikatec, a vehicle information management systems company, added that given the advent of big data, companies could make highly accurate decisions based on fact.

Mutsa Chironga, Managing Executive for Consumer Banking at Nedbank, says that the philosophy that underpins Nedbank’s Unlocked.me offering takes these insights into account. Unlocked.me is the result of an intensive process of consultation with young people across the country. With an initial focus on students, Mr Chironga says that Unlocked.me will be rolled out to non-students in the near future, as most young people do not have the opportunity to attend university.

“The big problem young people are struggling with today is how to make sure they achieve the future they envisage—what steps should they take now?—while maintaining a certain lifestyle,” he explains. “Unlocked.me provides a comprehensive solution to help them balance all these elements.

“As we learned from my fellow panellists here today, financial management tools and services, as well as lifestyle benefits, are just a ticket to the game. This generation has high aspirations but also recognises that today’s world is highly competitive.”

“Nedbank has responded to this need by building a comprehensive set of services into Unlocked.me to provide a platform on which young people can unlock their potential. This market-first offering is inspired by our vision to use our financial expertise to help young people achieve their potential—and build a better future for the whole country.”

For example, Nedbank has entered into partnerships with Gradesmatch, which allows learners to enter their marks to obtain a view of what they qualify to study at tertiary institutions. Another key partnership is with jobs portal, Giraffe, which provides an easy way to access jobs particularly suited to this demographic, whether it’s a first-time position or a part-time gig to help fund studies. Unlocked.me will also hook account holders up with Nedbank clients to uncover mentorship opportunities.

“The tools and services young people can access via Unlocked.me will evolve and expand over time, in response to what our customers tell us they need. The real point is that traditional banking solutions are only part of what today’s generation wants—and needs. Unlocked.me will evolve and expand in line with what our customers tell us they need,” he concludes. “The real game-changer is that we are redefining the conventional banking relationship by creating a multi-faceted life partnership that builds financial security to enable our customers’ long-term aspirations.”

Nedbank adds new exciting features into its banking app

Nedbank has become the first South African bank to incorporate a lifestyle
enhancing virtual assistant into its banking app.

It added two new features into Money app. HeyNed, a digital virtual personal assistant and concierge service, uses a vast network of more than 350 000 product and service providers, linking app users to virtually anything they need.

In addition to the convenience of having a virtual personal assistant on call around the clock, HeyNed users benefit from the money saving potential of a digital service that literally negotiates better prices on their behalf. And once a MoneyApp user accepts the quote provided to them by HeyNed, payment can be made easily automatically by a click of a button through the Nedbank Money app.

According to Ciko Thomas, Group Managing Executive, Nedbank Retail and Business Banking, and an avid user of the functionality, the response has been very positive. “HeyNed users appreciate the fact that the service pays for itself through the savings it delivers,” Thomas says, “and that it can be
used to source items and access a host of value-adding services, from restaurant and movie reservations to arranging transport home from school for the kids or finding a recommended supplier for those home repairs and maintenance.”

Nedbank also added an exciting new Home-Buying Toolkit feature into the Money App. The feature is aimed at making life easier and more convenient for prospective home buyers with a comprehensive range of tools and guidelines aimed at equipping them with everything they need to find, finance and purchase their ideal home.

Thomas, further explained that a home is likely to be the biggest, most expensive purchase they will ever make for most people. Therefore, Nedbank created this feature-rich toolkit to make sure they are equipped with all the information and insights they need to optimise the home buying experience and unlock maximum value for new homeowners.

“With these and many more valued features that have already been included in the MoneyApp, we will continue to provide a life-enhancing digital banking experience. We are pleased with the growth in
popularity of the MoneyApp, now with 2 million downloads achieved, allowing our clients to manage their money like never before,” concludes Thomas.

How the banks took advantage of the 2017 budget speech

Yesterday was one of the most important days in the land. The Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan presented the budget for the 2017 fiscal year. The budget speech sets the tone for the year, as to how government will spend money and aim to address socio-economic challenges such as high-unemployment rate, education amongst others. Above all, how the changes will have an impact on an average consumer’s pocket.  Experts in the finance industry also made speculations prior to the speech as to what the minister will say about various economic factors. Some were on point and some completely missed it. There are already missed reactions on the actual budget speech as usual. Be it as it may, we can only remain positive as a nation and move forward.

In the midst of the budget speech, some brands particularly the banks saw an opportunity to increase brand awareness online. Here is how the four major banks in the country leveraged on the budget speech:

1. ABSA – The bank owned the #Budget2017 by promoting the hashtag on Twitter.  The hashtag trended number one on Twitter for the whole day. If you were to search #Budget2017 you will see an ABSA ad at the top.


2. FNB – Instead of promoting a hashtag, FNB focused on pushing of FNB branded images around the budget speech from the beginning to the end of the Minister’s speech. The aim was to highlight the key points in the budget speech.


2. Nedbank – They ran a Budget Speech competition in partnership with Old Mutual. The competition was aimed at economics students registered at recognised institution of higher learning in South Africa either studying full-time or part-time. The winners were announced yesterday.


4. Standard Bank – The whole News 24 site was painted blue yesterday, all thanks to Standard Bank. On the popular news site, the bank put up digital banners highlighting the budget speech and also a call to action for the visitors to site learn about budgeting and the investment and savings packages that Standard Bank offers.

standard bank

It is important for brands to start targeting major events such as the Budget Speech to boost brand awareness particularly on social media as it is cost effective. The banks get a Pat for taking initiatives to leverage on the budget speech as it is aligned with their industry. Even though the banks got brand awareness, consumers also benefited from the initiatives as they get informed.

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