Afrobrands: Lisa Folawiyo’s Fashion Revolution in Nigeria and Beyond

Women in Ankara dresses by Lisa Folawiyo

Lisa Folawiyo, the creative force behind the popular fashion brand “Lisa Folawiyo,” is a Nigerian fashion designer who has made waves in the industry. Despite not having any formal training in design, she embarked on her fashion journey in 2005 with Jewel by Lisa, starting with a humble investment of 20,000 Naira (R442,66). Collaborating with her mother, she brought her vision to life by purchasing 12 yards of fabric.

Lisa Folawiyo

What sets Lisa Folawiyo’s designs apart is her exclusive use of Ankara textiles, vibrant wax-resistant dyed fabrics commonly found in West Africa. She has been instrumental in promoting Nigerian designers and their work on a global scale. Lisa’s talent lies in elevating traditional African prints, making them appealing to a diverse audience worldwide.

Lisa Folawiyo collection, Industries Africa

With showrooms in Nigeria and New York, Lisa Folawiyo’s collections can be found in the UK, the US, South Africa, and Nigeria. Her unique aesthetic has been a key factor in her success. In 2012, she was honored with the African Fashion Awards and has collaborated with renowned brands like L’Oréal. Her designs have also graced the runway of Moda Operandi.

In 2015, Lisa Folawiyo made the bold decision to rebrand her line from “Jewel by Lisa” to ‘Lisa Folawiyo’ in order to simplify the brand name and appeal to a global audience. This strategic move was driven by her aspiration to compete on a larger international level.

Lisa Folawiyo’s fashion revolution has not only put Nigeria on the map but has also captivated the world with her innovative designs. She is a true inspiration for aspiring fashion designers everywhere.