Intersexions will now be available on Netflix


The popular South African series dedicated to educating South Africans about the dangers of
HIV and AIDS, Intersexions has been one of the most groundbreaking series since the days of Phamokate – a series similar to Intersexions that was shown in the early 2000s.

Netflix has announced that Intersexions will be made available for streaming on the 5th of May, followed by a second season which is due to be made available a week later. With the lockdown pushing consumers to turn to its platform to catch the latest series, documentaries, and movies, they’ve decided to gift South Africans with a list of “throwback shows” which South Africans loved. Shows such as Gaz’lam, Soul City, Tsha Tsha and many more. This will also include iconic South African movies such as Jerusalema, Tsotsi and Kalushi for viewers to enjoy.

Earlier this month, the streaming giant had announced its decision to list Tjovitjo on its platform which has been one of a few locally produced series that is available for viewing. With this decision, we hope South Africans will enjoy reminiscing on their past favourite shows.