OneSpark contributes R200 000 to help families and businesses affected by the unrest

OneSpark Insurance

OneSpark initially contributed R100 000 to help those effected by the recent unrest. Together with other committed and proud South African companies, this contribution has now increased to over R200 000 to help families and businesses that have been severely affected rise out of this unrest and come out stronger.

OneSpark Insurance raise R200 000

About OneSpark

OneSpark is the new age, globally backed start-up on the block that’s completely re-inventing and disrupting the global insurance industry. OneSpark’s founders, Greg Smith & Josh Kaplan have always been purpose-driven, passionate South African entrepreneurs. The pair have lived their lives under the single-minded pursuit of trying to uplift people and society at large. That’s why they became actuaries, designed dozens of award-winning insurance products, helped create one of Africa’s largest Social Impact Bonds and finally, started OneSpark, a company that is doing everything it can to help create a better future for us all.

Thandi’s Story

Thandi Johnson, a leader, an entrepreneur, a community hero owns one of these businesses. Thandi started her small business in 2009 to brighten the community of Soweto by selling decorations for birthday parties and weddings, among many other things. It took Thandi twelve years of blood, sweat, and tears to build her business from the ground up. But it took only one day to destroy it all.

“We’re in this together, and South Africa’s Ubuntu spirit shines bright.

Our hearts were broken when we heard her story. Entrepreneurs like her are the lifeblood of our economy. It’s time we get her back on her feet and let her shine. That’s why we’ve pledged R25,000 to help her rise,” says Greg Smith.

If you know of any small businesses or individuals that have been destroyed or damaged that need a helping hand, please reach out to OneSpark at so they can help or connect you with people who can. There ae still so many livelihoods that we can bring change to.

A huge Pat on OneSpark for the good work.