The best cars for students and graduates

When buying a vehicle, students and graduates don’t buy a car for the sake of just buying a car. Vehicle purchasing decisions are made based on lifestyle. Moving from one class or campus to another, and adhering to employment obligations, for some, can prove to be difficult without a set of reliable wheels.

According to Wesbank students and graduates encouraged to look for cars within the budget car category. The price cap for this category is R200,000 and it is aimed at identifying a stylish and trendy car for the value, in addition to the more practical aspects.

When buying a car students and graduates need to consider Fuel costs, tyres and services. Last years’ VAT increase also had a significant impact on the car buying decisions. It is therefore important them to think through the economics of a buying decision, especially because buying a car through any financial institution is a long-term commitment.

According to below are the best budget cars for students and graduates  (costing up to R200k)

Kia Picanto 1.2 Style – R182 995

Kia Picanto 1.0 Style A/T

Suzuki Swift 1.2 GL – R177 900

Suzuki Swift 1.2 GL

Volkswagen Polo Vivo 1.4 Comfortline – R200 500

VW Polo Vivo 1.4 Comfort Line

In conclusion it is further recommended that students and graduates do thorough research before buying the cars and to book a test drive to have a feel of how the car drives. As it said it is a long term commitment, therefore it better be a good one.

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