947 and Kaya FM go head-to-head on this week’s episode of Family Feud South Africa.

947 team on Family Feud South African

On this week’s episode of Family Feud, it is the battle of the airwaves as 947 and Kaya FM go head-to-head in a bid to raise money for their chosen charities.

Both radio stations have a strong footing in Johannesburg and it would be interesting to which station will raise more funds for their charities.

Team 947

947 on Family Feud
L-R: Shannon Leibach, DJ Fresh, Mantsoe Tsatsi, Steve Harvey, Lerato Höffele and Buhle Madulini

The 947 team is represented by Fresh on 947 team, with the legendary Thato Sikwane – aka DJ Fresh as the team’s captain. He is joined by his on-air team members:

  • Radio presenter Mantsoe Tsatsi is popularly known as “Miss Pout”. Her fans enjoy her energy and she is known for her fresh and unique voice.
  • Shannon Leibach is a radio personality, actor, MC and voice-over artist who admits to Mr/ Harvey that his love life is “complicated”.
  • Lerato Höffele is a newsreader on DJ Fresh’s show. She is very involved in charity work and her volunteer work at Lambano led her to be voted a LeadSA Hero in March 2019.
  • Buhle Madulini is a sports journalist whose rich voice and affable personality captivates audiences.

947 puts their support behind the Lambano Sanctuary, which was founded on the vision of Melanie Prinsloo in 2001 to help HIV positive children with little chance of living. Today Lambano provides full-time care for children who live with life limiting and life threatening illnesses at their four Forever Homes and they also have the only paediatric medical step-down and hospice facility in Gauteng.

Team Kaya FM

Team Kaya FM on Family Feud South Africa.
L-R: David O’Sullivan, Kgomotso Matsunyane, Thabiso Sikwane, Steve Harvey, Mbali Dlamini and Skhumba.

Kaya FM is represented by the Breakfast show and team captain is David O’Sullivan who brings along:

  • Radio presenter Kgomotso Matsunyane once worked as a television commissioning editor.
  • Bubbly and entertaining newsreader Mbali Dlamini was born and raised in Soweto.
  • Thabiso Sikwane is a radio presenter and is married to DJ Fresh. When Mr. Harvey asked her how badly she wants to beat Fresh on the game and she replied, “So badly, it’s bragging rights for life!” She added if she dies before him she wants it engraved on her coffin: “I beat Fresh on Family Feud.”
  • Former SAPS clerk and now award-winning comedian Skhumba is now an actor, TV and radio presenter. He is regarded as one of the top comedians in the country.

Family Feud is hosted by entertainer, businessman and philanthropist STEVE HARVEY, the game show calls on two family teams in each episode to compete in naming the most popular responses to gathered survey questions in order to win cash and prizes.

Which charity benefits the most from the battle of the stations and which Sikwane spouse walks away victorious? Find out this Sunday 3rd May at 6pm on e.tv on Family Feud.