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February has been a great month for Proudly SA. According to us, the organization takes centre stage as the brand of the month, spreading love, style, and support for local businesses across South Africa. Teaming up with LIFT Airlines, Proudly SA orchestrated an extraordinary journey from Johannesburg to Cape Town, turning a routine flight into a memorable Valentine’s Day experience.

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Valentine’s Day Flight Experience

Valentine’s Day took on new meaning as passengers boarded LIFT Airlines flights, greeted with roses courtesy of Proudly SA. This gesture was a symbolic reminder of the importance of supporting local businesses and investing in the community. With every rose handed out, Proudly SA reaffirmed its commitment to promoting goods and services made in South Africa.

As the flight took off, the scent of roses filled the cabin, setting the stage for conversations buzzing with excitement. Passengers shared stories of their favourite local businesses, highlighting the unique products and services that make South Africa special. This journey wasn’t just about reaching a destination; it was about celebrating the local talent and entrepreneurship.

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LIFT Airlines proved to be the perfect partner for Proudly SA’s ‘buy local’ campaign. By joining forces with Proudly SA, LIFT reinforced its dedication to supporting local businesses and uplifting communities across South Africa.

Proudly SA’s Partnership with SONA

The collaboration between Proudly SA and LIFT Airlines was not the first. The organization also partnered with Mzansi’s top fashion designers to promote the significance of supporting the local Retail – Clothing, Textile, Footwear, and Leather (R-CTFL) sector through SONA. This call to action was to urge South Africans to prioritize local fashion in their everyday lives.

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At the State of the Nation Address (Sona), Proudly SA made a bold statement by encouraging officials and guests to wear locally-made clothing. The initiative, spearheaded by the Local Fashion Police, underscored the importance of supporting local designers and artisans. CEO of Proudly SA, Eustace Mashibye, emphasized that every purchase made has a ripple effect, impacting the product owners and the livelihoods of those behind the scenes.

Recently, Proudly SA continued to champion local businesses on the global stage with its participation in Meetings Africa. Twenty Proudly South African vendors showcased their sustainable products at the Sustainability Village, from eco-friendly accessories to handmade crafts. The Sustainability Village highlighted the creativity and ingenuity of South African entrepreneurs.

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Proudly SA’s Commitment

In a world where globalization often overshadows local businesses, initiatives like these serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of supporting homegrown talent. Proudly SA’s commitment to promoting local goods and services isn’t just about economic growth; it’s about preserving South Africa’s unique identity and heritage. As we reflect on the events of February, Proudly SA reminds us to carry forward the spirit of support for local businesses, ensuring that our communities thrive and prosper for generations to come.

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