Dear #PatOnBrands followers.

I come bearing some good news. Pat On Brands will be on the airwaves.  Starting today (Thursday, 16 February 2017), #PatOnBrands will be joining the #TheUrbanBrunch team on UJ FM every Thursday from 10am to 10:30am. The feature will be very informative and entertaining as the articles we post here. Brands, will still be getting “Pats” and “Slaps”. And will also be adding new elements such as weekly giveaways . Its going to be fun! Please do tune into UJ FM 95.4 and watch live on Instagram (@PatOnBrands) and Facebook (Pat On Brands).

Thank You,



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  1. King Fresh

    Hola Boy, i will tune in and always supporting you hommie,all the best with with the radio show.

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