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#MyLifeIn5Ads – Katlego Ditlhokwe

Storytelling in advertising is what most people talk about, but not everyone gets it right. #MyLifeIn5Ads will be a regular column that features professionals from all corners of the Marketing & advertising industry to give a Pat on marketing communications that resonates with them the most. Whoever is chosen has to connect five pieces of communication that tell his/her life story according to their chosen five chapters.

I decided to start with myself just to set the tone and besides free publicity is good, so here it goes:

Chapter 1: A village-township boy

I was born in a village called Kraaipan and though I didn’t grow up there, I spent most of my school holidays in the village. Now the ad that represents this part of my life is KFC, Napkin. I like this ad particularly for 2 reasons: (1) It is rare to come across an ad that was shot in SA and captures the essence of growing up in a village. KFC was bold enough to take it to the rural and acknowledge their market. (2) Taglines are usually an afterthought in brand ads. Just a line communicated at the end of the ad, but KFC, on the other hand, developed a whole ad around the line “finger-licking good”. 

Chapter 2: For the love of football

I love football! The irony about my relationship with football is that when it came to street football, I was a star, but when we had to take it to the big fields and play according to the rules, something was wrong with me. Nonetheless, I still love football and think I’m a good soccer analyst. The ad that reminds me of when football was still my Monday to Sunday is Sasol, Soweto Stars. What I appreciate most about this ad is that it resonates with those who love football and follow it. If you’re not an avid fan you might not get it. Now imagine how many marketers could have said “Not everyone will get it, so no” – know your target market and speak their language. 

Chapter 3: My love story

So, I’ve been with my girlfriend for almost 11 years. In the beginning, I used to think our love was just a phase, a chapter that would pass, but it never did till this day. My ad for this story is an international commercial: Levis, Beautiful Morning

Another ad that fits the narrative is Robbins Diamonds, please see below. It is advised that billboards should have at most 8 characters, including the images and logo, this ad is the perfect example:

Chapter 4: Success in my terms

At this current stage of my life, I feel like I’ve done so much better. I am not where I want to be as yet, but I am happy – for happiness is not getting what you want but loving what you have. The ad that represents my life at this current moment is Hyundai Own Your Lane.

Chapter 5: I Love you Mama

Some people call it ‘black tax’, some ‘love’, others a ‘thank
you’. I say call it whatever you want, because yes, you do it out of love but
if you’re in it you also know that it is frustrating. For me building a house
for my mom was rewarding because she sacrificed a lot for me to be educated and
was also there for me when I was unemployed. This is my favourite ad of all
time: Bells Whisky, The Search 

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