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Fashion is what you make it – NOTIVESALE #BrandofTheWeek

Fashion has evolved over the years. Trends come and go, and new designers emerge with every new style that hits the market. Fashion has always been a way to express yourself and ranges from accessories, clothing, footwear etc.

This week we got to speak to Lehlohonolo Inama, founder of NOTIVSALE (pronounced Not for Sale). Lehlohonolo started his brand because he was driven by not finding anything that suited his style and always seeing people doing the same thing with clothes.

Lehlogonolo Inama
Lehlohonolo Inama (Founder NOTIVESALE)

What is NOT IV SALE about?

​NOTIVSALE is a brand that has never introduced change for its own sake. Instead, it has chosen to refine constantly the design of garments. Each development is analysed carefully to ensure that it adds to the luxurious pleasure to be discovered when handling the garment. NOTIVSALE focuses on silhouettes through & through, with more detail and finer finishing. NOTIVSALE is about progressing with infinite care by making certain that the garments give exceptional wear.

Why the name NOT IV SALE?

We actually struggled coming up with a name at first. However, NOTIVSALE popped out when we made our first product and we were like ‘This is not for sale anywhere.’, that’s how the name came about.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion to me is not popular, it is what you can create or recreate and make popular. Streetwear is mostly what I relate to and what my brand produces.

Where and how can people buy your products?

To purchase, you can visit the website or visit the NOTIVSALE page on Instagram. Courier to customers around Johannesburg is free, the product is delivered within a day. If the product is not available, the waiting period is 3-5 working days. To customers outside JHB the delivery fee is R100, and door delivery takes 2-3 days.

What are your goals for NOTIVSALE?

My short-term goal is to have a store in my hometown and collaborate with every brand from the East Rand. My long-term goal is to have more than 5 stores around South Africa.

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