The folks at Suzuki have been kind enough to let us sample another of their vehicles, the Suzuki Ertiga. Before we get to the actual review, I would like to mention that I had a fellow car enthusiast , Tshepo Peterson contributing to this review. Two opinions are better than one right?

A brief background on the Suzuki Ertiga

This is the second generation Suzuki Ertiga and it was first launched in South Africa back in 2010. Since then, it has positioned itself as a value-for-money Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) that South Africans have taken a liking of.

Suzuki Ertiga Front

The Drive

If there is one that all Suzuki cars (at least the ones that I reviewed) have is the smooth drive. You hardly feel nor hear the tire noise unless you are driving on rough course. The Suzuki Ertiga is equipped with a 1.5 GL engine that produces 77Kw and 138 Nm. The engine is responsive especially on a long haul but the clutch did need a bit of getting used to and after a few robots, you easily get the hang of it.

Suzuki Got The Right For MVPs

The biggest problem with MVP’s has always been the legroom in the 3rd row. Passengers have often complained of cramps due to the limited space, however, Suzuki found the right formula this time. Tshepo found himself comfortably seated in the last row on the gloomy Saturday morning thinking to himself how a nap wouldn’t be a bad idea (that’s how comfortable it was). The armrest and cup holder are also comfy additions to the backrow making it a place where passengers would want to be seated on long journeys.

Suzuki Ertiga Side view

The Tech

On the other hand, the driver has also been given a multi-function steering wheel which sadly, doesn’t do much but change tracks, volume, and mode of the radio. The infotainment was sadly not in this mode but Bluetooth and USB connectivity were available. However, the driver seat along with the steering is ideally positioned making it very comfortable to drive.

The car has a relatively long rear due to the additional row of seats and the team at Suzuki has given drivers peace-of-mind by adding a reverse parking sensor system. The car also has 2 12v power slots for both front and rear passengers and the front cup holders have air-conditioned vents to keep your drinks either cold or hot.

Suzuki Ertiga Interior


The Suzuki Ertiga is very practical and versatile. It can be your everyday family car to take kids to the weekend sports game, your business vehicles used to ferry employees or put the seats down and have a minivan that can be used to put the bicycle when you have that Sunday race. The best thing about the Ertiga has to be how affordably priced it is compared to other MVP’s on the market, so why would you settle for anything else?

Suzuki Ertiga Seats


  • Suzuki Ertiga 1.5 GA – R218 900
  • Suzuki Ertiga 1.5 GL – R243 900
  • Suzuki Ertiga 1.5 GL AT – R258 900

In conclusion here are the Pats and Slaps of the Suzuki Ertiga:


  • Highly versatile vehicle that fits the title of an MPV
  • Very spacious including the 3rd row of seats. People with a height of 1,75m can comfortably sit with no worries of cramping up
  • Front cup holders with air-conditioned vents are a great touch for people on the
  • move
  • Roof-mounted air-condition vents for back rows ensures that all passengers feel either the required heat or cold
  • Roof-mounted air-condition vents for back rows ensures that all passengers feel either the required heat or cold
  • Multi-function steering helps keep eyes glued to the road
  • Cup holders in the third row


  • Plastic dashboard takes away from the modern exterior design of the vehicle
  • 2 power unit for a 7-seater vehicle is not sufficient
  • Entry and exit from 3rd row can be very tricky
  • Infotainment can be improved


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