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Woolworths, one of the big retailers in South Africa, has reaffirmed its commitment to fighting hunger by extending its partnership with FoodForward SA (FFSA) for another three years. By renewing this collaboration, Woolworths is investing R3.45 million to strengthen FoodFoward SA’s initiatives in food distribution and community support.

Woolworths’ Role in Partnership with FoodForward SA

Over the past six years, Woolworths has been dedicated to supporting the FFSA, contributing a total of R6 million towards efforts to alleviate food insecurity across the nation. This extended partnership not only highlights Woolworths’ ongoing commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but also underscores its strategic alignment with sustainability goals and community welfare.

About 14 million out of 61 million South Africans go hungry every day, not because there is a food shortage in South Africa but because 1 third of people in the country cannot afford to buy food and feed themselves. The partnership with Woolworths and FFSA ensures that healthy quality food reaches an approximate number of 920,000 needy people daily, impacting access to healthy nutritious meals.

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FoodForward SA changes South African’s lives through Woolworth

In 2009 FFSA established a platform called FoodShare which efficiently manages surplus food donations from the Woolworth stores nationwide. FFSA distributed an impressive 21,760 tons of food, with Woolworths’ contributions accounting for 65% of this total through the FoodShare platform. This equates to approximately 56.6 million meals provided to those in need, demonstrating the huge impact of corporate partnerships in addressing food insecurity.

Beyond food distribution, Woolworths’ support extends to FFSA’s initiatives in youth empowerment and skills development within the food supply chain. Since its commencement in 2019, FFSA’s supply chain internship program has trained over 60 young adults in essential skills such as warehousing, stock management, and logistics. This program, which initially began in Cape Town, has expanded to regions like KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, and Rustenburg, offering employment opportunities to 19 interns who have successfully transitioned into permanent roles within the organization.

Zinzi Mgolodela, Director of Corporate Affairs at Woolworths, expressed gratitude for the extended partnership, emphasizing its alignment with Woolworths’ broader sustainability agenda and commitment to social inclusivity. She highlighted the positive outcomes of the collaboration, including reduced food waste, lower carbon emissions, and enhanced community resilience.


A significant milestone took place at the local Idas Valley Primary School in Stellenbosch on Monday, 29 April. The school, in collaboration with leading renewable energy solutions provider Wetility, unveiled its newly installed solar energy system. This markets a transformative moment for the school, its pupils and the surrounding community and facilitated in collaboration with the Stellenbosch University-affiliated energy efficiency consultancy GreenX.

The inauguration event, aptly named Solar System Inauguration Day, commenced with a special assembly, bringing together learners and teachers to celebrate this momentous occasion. Engaging presentations, led by Wetility’s Chief of Staff Johanna Horz and Project Engineer Chris Momoh as well as GreenX’s CEO Dr. Jason Samuels, covered topics ranging from the fundamentals of solar energy to its benefits for the environment and community. The presentations were followed by a Q&A session with Grade 7 learners.

The presentation started with a surprise video by Springbok legend and Wetility Brand Ambassador, Tendai “The Beast” Mtawarira. The Beast expressed his pride in Wetility’s work to provide solar energy to Idas Valley Primary School and making the school’s learners “solar energy champions”.

“I absolutely love the concept of empowering young students through an initiative that is driven by the core values of environmental responsibility, awareness and sustainability. It’s a project that I fully support and I hope it will serve as an inspiration to others to make such meaningful contributions in the community.”

He added: “It’s such a proud moment to be associated with Wetility’s incredible initiative at Idas Valley Primary School. There is no doubt that the project will have massive benefits for the school and its pupils, and it perfectly demonstrates Wetility’s commitment to tangible innovation and outreach”.

Catering to the needs of its students and community, the partnership with Idas Valley Primary School and Wetility not only fosters environmental sustainability but also bolsters the school’s financial viability. Through a subscription-based model, the school aims to substantially reduce operational costs, ensuring uninterrupted functioning even during times of load shedding and power outages.

Mr. Anton Gordon, Principal of Idas Valley Primary School, highlighted the importance of this initiative, stating “The biggest impact for us will be that we are not going to lose any teaching time! We keep the lights on. Another difficulty for us is when we cannot reach the parents because networks are down. That problem will be gone now.”

The highlight of the day was the official showcasing the new solar system installed on the school premises to the teachers and learners and explaining its capacity, functionality and environmental impact. Principal Anton Gorden hopes: “Maybe it will also inspire some of our learners to go into university and to study solar energy.”

With this initiative, the Idas Valley Primary School, Wetility, and GreenX aim to inspire other schools across the country in their transition towards a greener and more sustainable future.

For more information about Wetility, visit www.wetility.energy


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Uber has recently introduced a groundbreaking initiative in South Africa: teen accounts. This move marks a significant step forward in catering to the transportation needs of young riders while prioritizing safety and convenience.

In a country where traditional transportation options might not always be reliable or accessible, especially for teenagers, Uber‘s introduction of teen accounts is a game-changer. Now, young riders aged between 13 and 17 can seamlessly access Uber’s services with accounts linked to their parents’ or guardians’ Uber profiles, ensuring supervision and control over their rides.

Kagiso Khaole, GM of Uber Sub-Saharan Africa – Image: IT Web

Uber Teen Safety Features

“We’re thrilled to offer this innovative feature to families in South Africa, with key safety features built into the heart of the experience. Whether their teen is getting a ride to an internship or heading home after football practice, parents will receive real-time notifications and can follow along with live trip-tracking every step of the way. We’re committed to helping keep teens safe and getting families moving,” says Kagiso Khaole, GM of Uber Sub-Saharan Africa.

Kagiso adds that only drivers who have passed local screening and background check requirements, and are highly-rated will be able to receive trip requests from teen account holders. Drivers can choose to opt-out of receiving teen trips at any time.

The introduction of teen accounts also addresses the evolving transportation needs of young people in South Africa.

Image: Uber

 How is Uber Teen Different?

Live Trip Tracking: To help keep parents in the know, they can follow along in the app with real-time updates and live trip tracking whenever their teen requests a ride. Additionally, for teen trips, parents will receive the driver’s name, vehicle information, and requested drop-off location so they know exactly where their teen is going and who is behind the wheel.

PIN Verification: Before a teen gets in the car for a trip, they’ll be prompted to give their driver a unique PIN. Drivers will not be able to start the trip until they enter the correct code into their app, providing an extra layer of protection to ensure teens get into the right car with the right driver.

RideCheck: The app uses sensors and GPS data to detect if a ride goes off course, stops unexpectedly, or ends early. If something like this happens, the Uber app will message the teen and the driver to make sure they’re OK. RideCheck will be adjusted to be more sensitive during teens trips.

Audio Recording: Uber’s Audio Recording feature allows users to record audio of their trip directly through the app and saves files on the device, automatically encrypting them so that no one – not the driver, not the rider or parents, and not Uber – can listen back to the recording.

Expanded Communication: Parents and guardians will be able to contact their teen’s driver at any time during a trip.

Only Highly Rated, Experienced Drivers: Only drivers who have passed local screening and background check requirements and are highly-rated and experienced will be able to receive trip requests from teen account holders. Drivers can choose to opt-out of receiving teen trips at any time.

Uber’s launch of teen accounts in South Africa represents a significant milestone in the evolution of ride-hailing services in the country.


In a strategic move to enhance its member rewards program, Virgin Active has recently announced a promising partnership with The Sneaker Shack, a prominent sneaker care outfit. The collaboration aims to provide added value to Virgin Active’s nationwide membership base of approximately 600,000 individuals while promoting an ethos of holistic wellness.

Image: The Sneaker Shack

An article shared by Primedia announced the partnership, highlighting Virgin Active’s commitment to expanding its cross-sector wellness ecosystem through meaningful collaborations. Patrick Hardy, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Virgin Active, emphasized the significance of the collaboration, stating, “This new collaboration with The Sneaker Shack not only gives Virgin Active members another great reason to lace up their sneakers and hit the gym, but reinforces all of the benefits of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle”.

Strategic Planning and Preparation

In an exclusive interview with Primedia’s Motheo Khoaripe, Lolo Ndlovu, the Founder and CEO of The Sneaker Shack, shared insights into the genesis of the partnership and its potential impact on both parties involved. Ndlovu revealed that the groundwork for the collaboration had been laid over the course of 6-12 months, indicating the thoroughness and dedication invested in the alliance.

For The Sneaker Shack, access to Virgin Active’s extensive membership base represents a significant opportunity for growth and exposure. Ndlovu expressed excitement about the prospect of enhancing the rewards experience for Virgin Active members, underscoring the strategic advantage of tapping into such a vast network.

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Navigating Challenges and Ensuring Scalability

However, with growth comes challenges, and Lolo acknowledged the importance of scalability for his business. By implementing measures to manage a potential surge in demand, The Sneaker Shack aims to ensure a seamless and gradual expansion process. Lolo emphasized the importance of viewing increased demand as a positive challenge, one that propels the company towards accelerated growth and operational excellence.

As the partnership between Virgin Active and The Sneaker Shack takes shape, it symbolizes more than just a business arrangement. It reflects a shared commitment to promoting wellness, fitness, and self-care within the community. By offering members the convenience of sneaker care services as part of their fitness journey, Virgin Active continues to reinforce its position as a holistic wellness provider, catering to the diverse needs of its clientele.

A Promising Future of Mutual Growth

The collaboration between Virgin Active and The Sneaker Shack holds great promise for both parties, offering mutual benefits and opportunities for growth. As they embark on this journey together, they pave the way for future collaborations that prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of their members.


Thembisile Sehloho, SA Tourism CMO

South African Tourism, the national destination marketing agency, has recently made a significant addition to its leadership team. Thembisile Sehloho, a seasoned marketing professional with over two decades of experience in strategic brand management, has been appointed as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Her extensive background and notable achievements herald a promising era for the promotion of South Africa as a premier tourist destination.

A Trailblazer in Strategic Brand Management

Thembisile’s journey to this pivotal role has been marked by a series of impressive accomplishments. With a career spanning renowned organizations such as Unilever, AVI, and Tiger Brands, she brings a wealth of diverse experiences and expertise to her new position. Notably, her occupation at Tiger Brands, where she served as the Marketing Director, showcased her ability to shape and redefine household brands, earning her a reputation as a marketing heavyweight in the industry.

Educational Background and Expertise

At Tiger Brands, Thembisile played a crucial role in revitalizing beloved South African brands, demonstrating a keen understanding of consumer preferences and market dynamics. Her innovative brand strategies not only propelled market share but also fostered sustained growth, solidifying her standing as a visionary leader in the field of marketing.

Thembisile’s academic credentials further highlight her commitment to excellence. Armed with an MBA in Leadership and Innovation from the prestigious University of Edinburgh and a BCom in Accounting from the University of Johannesburg, she possesses a strong foundation in both business acumen and strategic thinking. Additionally, her certifications in Strategy Development from WITS and Advance Commercial Acumen from GIBS reflect her continuous pursuit of knowledge and professional development.

SA Tourism CEO’s Confidence and Expectations

Nombulelo Guliwe, CEO of South African Tourism, expressed confidence in Thembisile’s ability to drive the organization’s marketing initiatives to new heights.

“As Thembisile assumes her new role as CMO, I am confident that her strategic vision, leadership skills, and profound brand and marketing knowledge will drive our marketing initiatives to new heights”.

In assuming her new role, Thembisile expressed gratitude for the opportunity to promote her country’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.

“It is an honour to be entrusted with the role of marketing our beautiful country.  As I embark on this new journey, I am excited to be able to use marketing to harness the power of storytelling allowing us to connect with local travellers, encouraging them to explore their country,  as well as invite travellers from our key source markets and beyond to come explore and experience Mzansi”.

Vision for South African Tourism

Thembisile’s commitment to leveraging marketing as a tool for cultural exchange and economic growth is evident in her vision for South African Tourism. By harnessing the art of storytelling, she aims to showcase the diverse tapestry of experiences that await travellers within the country’s borders. Whether it’s traversing the vibrant streets of Johannesburg, embarking on a safari adventure in the Kruger National Park, or indulging in the culinary delights of Cape Town, Thembisile seeks to inspire a desire to travel and curiosity in both domestic and international audiences.

As South African Tourism looks towards the future, Thembisile Sehloho stands as a beacon of innovation and inspiration in the realm of destination marketing. With her strategic prowess, leadership acumen, and unwavering passion for her country, she is poised to steer the agency towards unprecedented success on the global stage.


The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is set to confer an Honorary Doctorate to branding and marketing luminary Thebe Ikalafeng. This is to recognize his exceptional contributions to the industry. With a career spanning over three decades, Thebe’s impact on brand and marketing communications has been broad and profound.

Image: The Citizen

A Legacy of Excellence

Throughout his career, Thebe has reaped numerous accolades and awards, solidifying his status as a ground-breaking figure in the industry. Named one of the ‘100 Most Influential Africans’ by New African Magazine, his influence exceeds limits.

Thebe’s academic background is equally impressive. He has degrees in Marketing, Business Administration, and Intellectual Property Law from esteemed institutions around the globe.

He holds a BSc (Marketing) cum laude and a Master of Business Administration (Strategy and Marketing) degree from Marquette University in the US. Additionally, he holds an LLM (Intellectual Property Law) degree from the University of Turin, Italy, in collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Switzerland.

His commitment to education and professional development underscores his dedication to nurturing talent and promoting excellence within the industry.

Image: Financial Mail

Championing African Brands

More than just a marketer, Thebe is a visionary leader who has championed a brand-led revolution across Africa for over two decades. His persistent support for African brands to compete on the global stage has earned him extensive acclaim and admiration from peers and industry experts alike.

In 2023, Thebe was honoured at the Exclusive Men of the Year Awards (EMY) in Ghana for his outstanding contributions to African branding and marketing. His efforts to elevate African brands have left an incredible mark on the continent’s economic landscape.

Likewise, in 2021, his tireless efforts to elevate African brands earned him the receipt of the Financial Mail AdFocus Lifetime Achievement Award.

Honoring Previous Recipients

Thebe’s Honorary Doctorate follows the previously honoured distinguished individuals. Notable among them is former US President Barack Obama, who accepted an honorary doctorate of laws from UJ in 2013 also, the late Dr. Richard Maponya, a recipient of the UJ honorary doctorate degree in 2010, who was recognized for his contributions in the management field.

Building a Legacy

Thebe is renowned for his expertise in building brands across Africa. He is the founder of Brand Leadership Group (BLG), a multi-disciplinary advisory group specializing in strategy, creativity, and intellectual property law.

Through his initiatives, such as Brand Africa, he continues to inspire a new generation of marketers and entrepreneurs to embrace the power of branding in driving Africa’s image, reputation, and competitiveness.

Image: LinkedIn

Thebe’s Resilience and Determination

Despite facing challenges and adversity throughout his career, Thebe’s resilience and determination have pushed him to unprecedented success. From his early days as a young professional navigating the corporate world to founding his own branding agency, he has remained persistent in his commitment to his purpose.

As Thebe Ikalafeng receives the Honorary Doctorate, UJ not only celebrates a remarkable individual but also acknowledges the pivotal role of branding and marketing in driving socio-economic development and fostering global competitiveness in Africa.

Thebe’s legacy serves as a testament to the transformative power of branding and marketing in shaping Africa’s future. His vision, leadership, and dedication to excellence continue to inspire and empower countless individuals across the continent and beyond.


SAB Foundation’s Social Innovation and Disability Empowerment Awards are back. The foundation is Foundation is extending a call to the public as it opens applications for the annual awards. The awards aim to uplift entrepreneurs who are addressing pressing social issues and championing the cause of disability empowerment. Prizes to be won are ranging from R300,000 to R1.3 million, coupled with invaluable business development resources,

Tarryn Tomlinson, 2023 Winner

Social Innovation and Disability Empowerment

The SAB Foundation’s commitment is to promote an innovation that brings tangible and sustainable change. “Our awards programme is to empower social innovators who are transforming lives within their communities. The entrepreneurs are equipped to scale their ventures and create sustainable businesses,” says SAB Foundation Head of Programmes, Itumeleng Dhlamini.

The SAB Foundation’s Social Innovation and Disability Empowerment Awards represent a beacon of hope for most. It stands as a platform for those seeking to make a meaningful difference in their communities. Targeting entrepreneurs with prototypes or early-stage businesses, the awards recognize innovations that tackle social problems in novel and effective ways. From healthcare to housing, education to rural livelihoods, previous winners have emerged from diverse sectors. Each making a profound impact on the lives of low-income women, youth, or rural residents.

Meanwhile, the awards shine a spotlight on innovations that enhance economic access for persons with disabilities. It also paves the way for long-term sustainability.

Luvuyo Sume, 2023 Winner

Disability Empowerment Previous Winners

In 2023, one of the winning social innovations was a ground-breaking waste management solution that converts recyclables into market-ready products. Another innovation was a reusable asthma pump sleeve, designed for children and the elderly. In the Disability Empowerment category, a high-quality silicone prosthetic liner for amputees that acts as a shock absorber while walking was awarded first place.

Reflecting on the impact of the awards, Dhlamini notes, “Since inception, close to R110 million has been invested, empowering 174 entrepreneurs, creating 1,577 jobs, and impacting 9,940 livelihoods.” These figures highlight the transformative power of innovation when coupled with strategic support and investment.

“South Africa, as a whole, places a lot of hope on small businesses and entrepreneurs to create jobs for the future,” adds Dhlamini. “Each success story boosts not just economic growth in our country, but the restoration of hope and dignity for all.”

The path to becoming an award-winning innovator begins with a single step – applying. The process is open to South African citizens aged 18 and above with a proven track record of innovation. For aspiring changemakers, the SAB Foundation offers a lifeline, providing not only financial support but also mentorship, coaching, and technical assistance to help bring their ideas to fruition.


Mastercard and MTN Group Fintech have joined forces to transform mobile payment services to new heights in Africa. This partnership marks a significant step towards enhancing financial inclusion and improving digital commerce on the continent.

Under this agreement, every MTN MoMo (Mobile Money) customer will receive a virtual and physical Mastercard companion card. The card will be seamlessly integrated into their MoMo wallet. This initiative will empower users with access to over 100 million acceptance locations worldwide, developing the way people transact and interact with digital payments.

Image: MTN

The Collaboration’s Shared Vision

The collaboration is supported by a shared vision of leveraging technology and innovative capabilities. This is to drive MTN towards its goal of becoming Africa’s leading fintech platform. With Mastercard’s expertise and MTN’s vast network reach, the partnership is to reshape the financial landscape. Also to drive unprecedented levels of financial inclusion and accessibility.

Amnah Ajmal, Executive Vice President of Market Development EEMEA at Mastercard, expressed pride in the collaboration. Also highlighting the transformative potential of mobile money solutions for SMEs.

“Our innovation strategy is based on collaboration. We are very proud of our partnership with MTN which will enable digital commerce for millions of people in Africa. Mobile money solutions can be greatly beneficial for SMEs, enabling growth through. This, includes seamless commercial operations, wider payment acceptance, access to affordable credit, and secure digital tools,” said Amnah.

On the other hand, Serigne Dioum, Group CEO of MTN Fintech, emphasized the shared commitment to empowering individuals and businesses. The empowerment will be through enhanced user experiences, secure transactions, and expanded acceptance.

“When there is a mutual vision, the road to partnership is a simple one. We look forward to working with Mastercard as a partner that is committed to enabling people and businesses through the collaboration into best-in-class apps, superior user experiences, safe transactions, secure remittances, new use cases, and expanded acceptance,” said Serigne Dioum.

Furthermore, the collaboration will empower SMEs with innovative payment acceptance solutions, such as Mastercard’s SME-in-a-Box. This low-cost payment solution will enable small business owners to transition their operations online. They will also be able to accept various digital payments, and tap into new avenues for growth and innovation.

In addition, the partnership will expand the reach of mobile money remittance services, facilitating both inward and cross-border transactions. This initiative is controlled to unlock significant economic opportunities and drive financial inclusion on a global scale.

Mastercard’s Mission

Mastercard remains committed to its mission. The mission is to bring 1 billion people and 50 million SMEs into the global digital economy by 2025. The collaboration with MTN represents a significant milestone in this journey. It also highlights the transformative power of strategic partnerships in driving positive change and promoting inclusive growth.


Absa, a financial services provider, has rebranded itself to being more customer-centric, with the theme ‘Your Story Matters.’ According to Absa Group CEO Arrie Rautenbach, the brand’s promise to recognize customers as more than just account numbers.

Absa Group CEO, Arrie Rautenbach

“As a full-service bank, we cater to customers from all walks of life – from clients who only interact with us digitally, to those who prefer the reassurance of talking to one of our colleagues in-branch; we are a bank for all seasons”.

“Your Story Matters is more than a strapline; it is a declaration of our intent that our customers are much more than mere account numbers, they matter to us and so do the stories behind the individuals. Gaining this context will allow Absa to serve them in a more meaningful manner,” says Absa Group CEO Arrie Rautenbach.

On the other hand, Sydney Nhlanhla Mbhele, Absa’s group chief marketing and corporate affairs officer, highlights the one-sided nature of banking relationships and the need to understand customers’ life situations and needs better.

“A very consistent message comes across in research into perceptions of banks and banking. Customers feel that the relationship is one-sided and that banks don’t understand either their life situations or their individual needs. This often leaves them feeling helpless, as well as disconnected from opportunities to improve their individual or business prospects,” says Sydney Nhlanhla Mbhele.

Absa Group Chief Marketing and Corporate Affairs Officer, Sydney Nhlanhla Mbhele

The rebranding is based on customer feedback and research, aiming to infuse more humanity into Absa’s operations. Mbhele emphasizes enhancing product value, improving customer service, and delivering timely and relevant banking solutions. Initiatives such as pricing relief, free Absa Rewards, and renewable energy deals demonstrate Absa’s commitment to this approach.

In South Africa, Absa offers innovative services like downloading pre-populated unemployment claim forms from ATMs and ChatWallet for banking services via WhatsApp, promoting financial inclusion. Absa’s ChatBanking system and Absa Mobi Tap enable convenient banking solutions, while partnerships with organizations like the Mastercard Foundation facilitate lower interest rates for SMEs, particularly women and youth.

Moreover, Absa’s Women in Business offerings and mentorship programs support female entrepreneurs across Africa. Financial literacy projects and ‘Ready to Work’ programs contribute to customer and youth empowerment. The company’s Sustainable Bond listing on the Botswana Stock Exchange aims to create opportunities for social impact, focusing on women and youth.

Mbhele emphasizes that the repositioning is also about the company-wide transformation towards a human-centered approach. It involves improving the service experience with empathy and positioning Absa as a partner in customers’ personal and financial journeys. This rebranding marks a significant milestone in Absa’s growth since becoming an independent African bank about five years ago.

Arrie Rautenbach acknowledges the challenges in navigating complex markets and emphasizes the importance of innovation. He sees ‘Your Story Matters’ and a human-centered approach as guiding principles for Absa’s future. Overall, the repositioning aims to define Absa as more than just a financial institution but as a partner in customers’ life journeys.

Unilever’s Lunga Mooi Announced as Keynote Speaker for WOO Africa Forum

Lunga Mooi, a renowned professional in the fields of digital marketing, media, and D’Commerce hub, has been selected as a distinguished keynote speaker for the inaugural Africa Forum, orchestrated by the World Out of Home Organization. Anticipation is high for this significant event, slated to occur in Cape Town, South Africa, from March 11th to 13th, 2024.Mooi holds a B.Com. degree in Information Systems and Marketing and has extensive knowledge and experience in the digital marketing landscape, as well as an instrumental role in driving Unilever’s digital strategies throughout Africa.

Image: supplied

He is well-positioned to deliver an enlightening and thought-provoking address to the attendees. Utilizing his profound expertise, Mooi will conduct a thorough analysis of the expansive media market in Africa. Leveraging his years of experience, he will delve into various facets of the industry, exploring the latest trends, addressing challenges, and uncovering potential growth opportunities.

One area that particularly piques Mooi’s interest is the out-of-home (OOH) sector, which encompasses advertising and communication channels targeting consumers outside of their homes.

The President of the World Out of Home Organization, Tom Goddard, is elated to have Lunga Mooi as a keynote speaker at the Africa Forum. “This selection is viewed as a crucial step in engaging the senior client community within the OOH industry, underscoring the esteemed reputation and contributions that Mooi brings to the table,” said Goddard.

Boasting an impressive background in digital, media, and marketing with over 17 years of experience, Mooi has garnered extensive expertise working across 24 African markets, including countries in Southern Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Côte d’Ivoire. He has held pivotal positions such as the executive head of digital channels, e-commerce, and digital marketing at Telkom, as well as the Africa digital CoE director at Tiger Brands.

Overall, his vast knowledge, experience, and passion for the industry make him the perfect choice to deliver a thought-provoking speech and serve as a testament to his exceptional reputation and contributions to the marketing industry.