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Brand on The Rise – Katso Lux Curtains

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In this edition of Brands on the Rise, we’re shining a spotlight on an exciting brand called Katso Lux Curtains. Founded by Dimakatso Dlamini, a talented public relations practitioner, this brand is on a mission to transform the world of home décor with its stunning curtain designs. Understanding the impact that curtains have on the overall atmosphere of a space, Dlamini set out to create her own luxury curtain brand. Unimpressed with the quality of curtains available on the market, she aimed to provide customers with top-notch furnishing fabrics at competitive prices.

Dimakatso Dlamini, CEO of Katso Lux Curtains

In a previous interview with True Love magazine, Dlamini shared that the idea had always been on her mind, but she hesitated to launch it for several years. However, with a little help from fate, she finally took the leap of faith in 2021. Dlamini’s love for window treatments has been evident throughout her life, from admiring people’s curtains during her visits to purchasing curtains on behalf of her family.

Katso Lux Curtains boasts an impressive collection of custom-made luxury curtains, offering a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns, including the incorporation of African prints. The brand has even introduced a Heritage collection, featuring fabrics like Basotho Seshweshwe, Isindebele, Isizulu, and Isixhosa. In an interview, Dlamini stressed the importance of embracing our own cultural heritage, just as we readily embrace fabrics from other nations like India, Egypt, and Turkey. She envisions sharing our unique cultures with other countries, allowing them to appreciate and enjoy the richness of our diverse cultures.

“I am in business not only to better myself, but I am also passionate about contributing positively towards the growth of our country’s economy. Most people might believe that our government is solely responsible for creating job opportunities. But I don’t believe that. With such significant unemployment rates in the country right now, entrepreneurs also have the power to change that truth for our unemployed South African citizens.”.

Dimakatso Dlamini, CEO of Katso Lux Curtains

Katso Lux Curtains has set its sights on growth and expansion, envisioning the establishment of retail stores across South Africa. Alongside this ambition, the company is committed to creating job opportunities for South African citizens and placing a strong emphasis on empowering women through various events and educational workshops. Dlamini, the driving force behind the business, not only seeks personal success but also strives to make a positive contribution to the country’s economy. Recognizing the pressing issue of high unemployment rates, she firmly believes that job creation is not solely the responsibility of the government but also lies in the hands of entrepreneurs like herself.

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