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Black Friday: Do’s And Don’ts

As you might have seen on TV and/or social media or you might have heard on radio or read in the newspapers or your inbox. Black Friday is probably one of the biggest days on many brands’ and retailers’ calendars. Many consumers will be flocking into shopping malls to buy what is perceived to be ridiculously discounted prices. Some retailers have gone to the extent of increasing their trading hours on the day to accommodate more customers.
Although, Black Friday is perceived to be the best for consumers to go on a shopping spree, there are some people who have mixed feelings about Black Friday and its origins. Some people link it to the original black Friday where slave owners in America would sell off the slaves who had the least value to them for low amounts of money. Whether this is true or not the reality is that many people will be partaking in this shopping craze.
For those that will be taking part in black Friday, below are the Do’s and Don’ts for Black Friday.

Asks yourself whether you need or you want the product
Many financial advisers warn consumers not to be impulsive buyers. There is a difference between wanting something and need something. More often than not people end up buying stuff that they don’t need just because it is on sale. You can want an expensive sneaker but need good quality running shoes. You need to know the difference.

Research Products
If there is a product that you’ve always wanted to buy, do some research on the “normal price” and its features. Most products that the retailers would put on sale during Black Friday will be those with limited features for example electronic products. Also check the expiry date because there is no point of buying large quantities of the products that will expire in the next month.

Shop around
Before making a big purchase it is advisable to shop around and compare prices. The beauty of having smartphones you can use it to check prices whilst in-store

Set a budget
It is easy to get carried away in buying things just because they are discounted. If you have set a budget for spending on Black Friday, stick to it or else you will have regrets later.

Be aware of your surroundings
As much as you are out to shop for bargains just keep in mind that some people will be on a mission to strike when you let your guard down. Make sure you look after you belongings, try carry as little cash on you as possible and be alert at all times.

Don’t fight other people
If there’s a person who got their hands on the item first don’t fight over the product. We have seen instances where people fought over items in the shops. For your safety and peace refrain from engaging from such activities.

Don’t force yourself into the store
If the store is closed don’t bang the door and force yourself into the store. You don’t want to be a meme or find yourself in jail for damaging the store’s property. You will also risk getting hurt.

Don’t steal
A caller on the Fresh Breakfast Show on Metro FM said the only reason why he will be going to the shops on Black Friday is that he wants to steal. Just because there will be a lot of commotion in the shops, this does not mean that security won’t be on high alert, you will get caught!

Don’t bite more than you can chew
Again, it is easy to get carried away buying tons of things that you won’t be able to carry home or store. If you don’t space for it in your house don’t buy it. You buy a big TV set because it’s on sale but it can’t fit your car then you end paying more for delivery.

With all that said remember that retailers are in a business to make money so don’t fall prey for their tactics. Hence it is important to do your research and have a plan. Lastly, there’s life to be lived and bills to be paid after Black Friday.

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