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Black Crown’s Launches its Latest Piece of Art Introducing the new Black Crown 440ml Can

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Black Crown celebrates World Art Day (15th April 2022) with its latest piece of art, the new 440ml can. The can embodies creativity with its bold African and royal design.
The gold exudes royalty and luxury and is complemented by the black, which carries power and confidence. The unique crown, strategically placed at the centre of the design is at the core of the brand, which aims to proudly embody a royal state of mind. It is a crown that says you don’t hide from the light. You step into it. And it is in that moment when you chose to wear that crown, that dreams stop being dreams.
So, take that crown. Wear it proudly. Know that you deserve it. And own it. Own your crown. Black Crown identifies as an unapologetically Africa brand, which exemplifies African creativity by uplifting local African artists.

Artist Collaborations

Spotlighting African excellence, the brand has collaborated with local artists including young, vibrant and colourful hair artist Themba Mbuyisa (@themba_mbuyisa), photographer David Blaq (@davidblaqrsa) who through his work hopes to contribute toward the emergence of a futuristic narrative of creative Africa – to name a few.

Source: Supplied

World Art Day

On this World Art Day, Black Crown celebrates its latest piece of art. Packaged in a premium 440ml can, this beautiful accessory is made easy to enjoy in more occasions, such as outdoor experiences, picnics in the park, get together with friends, festival and events. A perfect drink that brings versatility to your doorstep. Launched in April 2022, the new Black Crown 440ml can is available nationwide, what are you waiting for? Grab a can of Black Crown, scan the QR code for exciting experiences and remember to tag @blackcrowngnt #OWNYOURCROWN

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