Aunt Caroline Rice, Feeding the students of KZN

Aunt Caroline Rice, affectionately known as “uAntie” has taken steps to lend a helping hand to KZN’s first-year tertiary students who have been facing challenges due to economic downturn and their background. uAntie believes that every child deserves to feel protected, nurtured, and safe even when they are away from home pursuing their ambitions of tertiary education. 

The Aunt Caroline Team at The Durban University of Technology (Image provided)

Fresh out of high school and at the start of their higher education, UKZN students were faced with the negative pressure on food security and accommodation. Our beloved Aunt Caroline is rallying around the students to ensure that they feel the safety of home away from home. Coupled with the firm belief and appreciation of how a meal can go a long way in making one feel warm, nourished, and loved.

To create the homely feeling of love and safety, uAntie is currently serving over 17 000 meals across the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), Durban University of Technology (DUT), and Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT). The brand plans to serve for a period of three (3) weeks.

“A well-balanced diet, we believe, are the foundations to enable everyone to live full life and chase their dreams to the fullest. Everyone deserves to feel cared for and protected, even when away from home. It is for this reason that KZN’s most-loved brand and Auntie recognizes that – when a home is far, a warm meal can go a long way toward bringing that feeling of the safety of home” Said Thembi Sehloho, Tiger Brands’ Marketing Director: Rice & Pasta 

Auntie urges everyone in our communities to get involved “ngoba umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”.

Social Media Trends To Look Out For in 2022

The beginning of a new year ushers in new beginnings for many. Year planners have been purchased and planning has began, iIt is important to have insights to inform your goals. The social media landscape is one of constant change, keeping up with trends is the only way to stay afloat

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically increased the amount of time that people spend on social media. With more people creating content, it’s not only marketers who need to know social media trends, it has become important to the average joe too. Lets have a look at some forecasted social media trends for 2022.

tik tok logo witth airpods and laptop

TikTok is the place to be

TikTok has taken content creation by storm. The platform went from being ‘an app for kids’ to the next best social media app. According to an article published by Tech Crunch, TikTok is predicted to reach 775.0 Million monthly users in 2022. The increasing number of active users means more eye balls, and that is good for business and advertising. Businesses, marketers and content creators need to keep that in mind when trying to reach more people. Tick ock, the time is ticking… you better get on TikTok.

Drawing of a computer

The use of social media for meaningful customer connections

As the world is getting more and more open to the use of social media by businesses and brands, things begin to shift. We are used to brands using social media as just another form of advertising, and that’s set to change. Stricter privacy rules mean that it will be harder to get information on customer behavior. This means that the best way to connect and get to know the customer is by creating meaningful connections via social media. This year, marketers will be using social media to get to know the customer better.

Phone on a selfie stick

Video content is king

Video content keeps people glued to their screens for longer, its the best way to grab your audience’s attention. According to Pop Up Smart, video content is predicted to take up 82.5% of all web traffic. This comes as no surprise, we have seen a high introduction of video features on most platforms. Its time to hit those record buttons in order for your content to reach more eyeballs.

Phone open on photo galary

Influencers continue to influence

The rise and rise of influencer marketing continues. We have seen a lot of brands going the influencer route and this year will be no different. The reason for this growth is that influencer marketing costs less than running paid ad campaigns. Working with influencers also allows brands to work with more people, reach more consumers and thus getting a higher return on investment. I guess we can safely say that influencers are not just a trend, but a type of marketing that is here to stay.

People of different races holding hands
Image: Jaluch

Inclusivity remains important

In the age of social media, consumers have become more and more vocal about social issues. Over the past few years, we have seen a stronger pull towards brands that care about customers and general social issues. Inclusivity will continue to be an important factor for customers. This will push brands to stay on the pulse and represent the communities in which they operate.

By standing next to tv with a carton character that looks like him
Image: Pop Sugar

Just a few weeks ago, there was an image of a young boy who was so excited to see a cartoon character that looked like him. It is with such small impactful particles that we change the world, and ensure inclusivity by age, gender, race and sexual orientation. We can all agree that social media has the power to make a change.

In the age of digital, it is important for people and brands to keep up with social media trends. Anyone who wants to grow on social media, for personal or business reasons needs to understand that its all about adapting. The social media streets are a place to adapt, and keep up with the times, or die.

A look back at 2021’s social media landscape

Social media icons

We have seen a lot of sudden changes since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The digital space has been one place where a lot of change and growth took place. There are quiet a number of social media platforms that benefited from people being home for longer periods of time.

South Africa’s population is just under 60 million, and according to the CEO of World Wide Worx there are approximately 38.2 million social media users in South Africa. This means that over half of our population is on social media.

Iphone with social media icons

2020/2021 social media rocket

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a spike in the number of social media users. The number of active social media users has increased from 22 million users in January 2020 to 25 million users in January 2021, this is a 13.6% increase. Marketers and advertisers need to keep a close eye on these trends, as these inform budgets.


Top 5 social media platforms

Many people paint social media as a platform for the younger generation only, this is not entirely correct. Here are some of the most popular social media networks amongst people aged between 16 to 65 years old:

  1. Whatsapp at 93.2%
  2. YouTube at 92.4%
  3. Facebook at 86.7%
  4. Instagram at 70.2%
  5. Messenger at 64.7%

There are a number of learnings one can take from the top 5 social media platforms in South Africa. The pattern tells us of how people like to receive information.

Top 5
Image: True Cable

Top 3 learnings from the top 5

  1. Affordability

The prices of data in South Africa is ranked 136 globally, this pushes people to find more affordable means to communicate. Whatsapp and Facebook messenger allow for a much more affordable day-to-day conversation. These are the platforms where people are able to send instant messages at an affordable price.

2. Keeping in contact

Instagram and Facebook are platforms where people are able to keep up with their old friends and family. This platorm allows people to stay in the loop even though they do not communicate much.

3. Short format videos

Instagram introduced short format videos in July of 2021, this came as a way to compete with TikTok. TikTok has become one of the fastest growing social media platforms. Platforms like YouTube and Instagram Reels keep us glued to our screens for longer and this works for brands and advertisers.

According to an article published in Orlando Sentinel, the average human attention span is 8 seconds. This is a dramatic decrease from 12 seconds in the year 2000.

YouTube on phone

Video content that is able to keep people engaged for longer periods of time is definitely a breakthrough for marketing. It is important for marketers to keep up with the different social media trends, this will guide strategy as well as budget. A marketer that is always on the pulse is always on the money.

Explaining the sudden surge in influencer marketing by alcohol brands.

alcohol in a whiskey glass

Alcohol, one of the most consumed substances in the world. According to an article published in The Conversation, 12% of adolescents consumed their first taste of alcohol by the age of 13. Many people attribute this so socio-economic issues as well as the advertisement of alcohol. In 2012, the Control of Marketing of Alcoholic Beverages Bill was drafted by our Government, the bill was drafted with the aim to protect children from alcohol advertising.

The term ‘Brand Ambassador’ has been around for the longest of times, the use of the word has increased with influencer marketing taking over the online marketing space. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, of the 81% of marketers who use influencers and influencer content, 51% of those said their influencer’s content outperformed brand-created content. Influencer marketing can be a cost-effective way to reach a new, different audience – and big and small businesses can use this method.

Drinks in a bar

Now, lets think clearly about this, a countries advertising laws do not apply on people’s personal social media pages. The Constitution of the Republic South Africa Act of 108 1996 provides for the freedom of expression. This means that, the ambassadors will be free to continue to post about the different brands even if the drafted bill gets passed into law. It’s a smart move if you ask me. Especially because the whole point is for people to continuously see the product, the ‘how’ is another story.

Lets have a look at some South African celebs who became alcohol brand ambassadors in the year 2021.

Russian Bear x Nadia Nakai and Blaq Diamond

Nadia Nakai and Black Diamond
Image: South Africa Today

Russian Bear has always been a drink for young, vibrant people. The brands collab with Braga Queen, Nadia Nakai and the Afro Pop Duo, Blaq Diamond is centered around creating unique artwork. The collab came about as a campaign called Next level, which it is a call to creators within the arts, fashion or music industry to enter to stand a chance to collab with the brands ambassadors.

JC Leroux x Dineo Langa

Image: Aspire Lifestyle Magazine

We all know Dineo Langa for her classy dresses and the finer things in life. Dineo recently announced that she is the brand ambassador for JC Le Roux’s premium nectar range. The Demi-sec range is available in two variants, the Nectar Demi-Sec and the Nectar Rose. We can all agree that Dineo fits well with a brand like JC Le Roux.

Bernini x Linda Mtoba

Linda Mtoba x Bernini glass
Image: Celebs Now

Bernini, a natural sparkling grape frizzante, the ladies drink recently announced Linda Mtoba as their brand ambassador. Most of us know this beauty for her role as Nomonde on the telenovela, The River. Linda’s latest flex is being a part of the Bernini Glow Getter Squad.

My guess is we’ll be seeing more of these collaborations, especially with the rapid growth of the online marketing space. Social media marketing is where it’s at. Chris Brogan, President of New Marketing Labs once said ”Social Media puts the “public” into PR and the “market” into marketing. ”. What is your take on the move to more brand ambassadors by alcohol bands?

A celebration like no other, with an animation studio to look out for

mollo launch

Tshimologong Innovation Hub celebrated 5 years of making dreams come true this past week. It was only fitting that the night is kickstarted with a word from the man who started it all. Prof Barry Dwolatzky, who is now the Director Innovation and Strategy at Wits.

Prof Barry D
Prof Barry Dwolatzky

Prof Barry shared a story of where it all started. His story was one of passion, will and determination. We can now safely say that those three are a combination of success tools. Prof Barry took his passion and went knocking on doors to bring his dream of a digital innovation hub to light. The University of Witswatersrand assisted him with an old building which used to be club. It is quiet interesting that the main stage at the precinct has footprint that symbolize that the space was once a night club

Dance space to a creators space

From a mere night club to a place where many young people continue to innovate and meet their dreams. The precinct invited some of the people who went through their programs and managed to build reputable businesses and innovations. Four brave innovators shared their businesses with the audience, here are two stories that stood out.

Lucia Nunu S
Lucia Nunu Shabangu

Lucia Nunu Shabangu is one of the ladies who were part of the Ya Basadi program. Her events and marketing business, Complit Events took a hit when the lockdown was first announced in March 2020. After going through a rigorous skills and development training session and also learning about programming, she developed Complit Swing. Complit Swing is a golfing game that uses virtual reality, allowing golfers to engage with people from different parts of the world.

Zuko - founder of Sensor
Zuko Mandlakazi

Senso is a company founded on ensuring that everyone has a fair chance of escaping danger by creating awareness of danger. The founder, Zuko Mandlakazi share a story of a family if five, with only one hearing person in the house. Mandlakazi said that people in the neighburhood knew this and they would wait for the family to sleep and then break into the house.

These unpleasant events made him create a solution that allows the parents, who are both deaf, to feel the potential danger. The Sensor band is a two part device, in the case of the family, one part is placed on the door handle while the other is worn as a wrist band. The device placed at the door sends a signal to the wrist band when it detects movement on the door handle, this then causes a vibration which will wake the individual up.

This can work on anything from keeping your car safe, monitoring a sleeping baby as well as ensuring that you do not burn those scones in the oven.

Unveiling South Africa’s latest animation studio

Mollo Animation Sudio unveiling

The event was beautiful, from the set up to the food, the unveiling of its latest offering was the cherry on top. The Mollo Animation Studio was unveiled on Friday the 26th o November 2021. Mollo is a Setswana name that means “fire”, when we remove one ‘l’ the word reads ‘Molo”, which means “warm greetings” in isiXhosa. With this unveiling Tshomologong greets and invites all young aspiring animators to gather around the fire to tell great stories through animation.

This studios is not a win for the precinct only, but for the African continent as a whole. The studio already houses people from different parts of Africa.

A place of new beginnings for digital creatives

Lungelo Makhatini

You may be asking yourself if there is a place for you at Tshimologong. The question is, do you have a digital idea that you feel like will make a mark in the digital space? if yes, then Tshimologong is is the right place for you. Lungelo Makhathini, who is part of the marketing team at the precinct said “All you need to have is a digital idea or solution”, if you are that person, head over to Tshimilogongs website for more details.

How Uber is investing in South Africans

person holding phone on uber app

If there is one company that shook a whole industry, it must be Uber. When Uber started operating in South Africa (SA), many bus and taxi drivers were not impressed. The commute service has been in SA for 8 years and going strong.

The past 8 years have not been a smooth ride for the e-hailing service, but that has not stopped them from doing good. Lets have a look at some projects that Uber has done to benefit fellow South Africans.

Plate with alphabets spelling "hunger"
Image: Unsplash

Projects to end hunger

In October 2020, Uber partnered with KFC and Add Hope for a world hunger month campaign. They had set a goal to see up to 250 000 meals donated to children across the country. The partnership saw Uber Eats donating R2.00 for each KFC order made through the app.

This donation ensured that the most vulnerable members of our society, children, go to bed on a full stomach.

lady who just got vaccinated
Image: Unsplash

Ride to your vacc

The vaccination program started on the 17th of February 2021, many people were looking forward to it until it became available. 8 months later and there is still a large number of people who need to get the jab. Some analysts sighted problems of education, lack of trust as well as the access to vaccination sites. Uber did an audit of how they could assist, and transportation was the answer.

Uber is offering South Africans R100 off on rides to and from vaccination sites across South Africa. This is in effort to solve the problem of access to the vaccination sites.

Person placinf ballot paper in a ballot box
Image: Unsplash

Request to cast your vote

Yesterday, the 1st of November 2021, we had our local and provincial elections. Uber came to the party once again by partnering with the Independent Electoral Commission and giving up to R35.00 off on two trips to and from voting stations. This was a great initiative to enable young people to have their voices heard by casting their vote.

Most international companies branch out into foreign lands with the thoughts of profits only. It is heartwarming to see brands such as Uber extend themselves to the customer, this shows care and investment. It is hard to think of other brands who are constantly coming up with new ways to assist within the space that they operate in. Uber definitely gets a pat from Pat on Brands.

Personal brands that benefit business

Brand Identity book

Personal branding is something we hear about a lot lately. A strong personal brand comes with quiet a few benefits. Most celebrities and media personalities have mastered the art of benefiting from strong personal brands.

According to the Influencer Marketing Hub, your personal brand is how you promote yourself. It is the unique combination of skills, experience, and personality that you want the world to see. People who work hard and tirelessly to build such brands leverage off of these through business. Just think of how many celebrities start businesses and get their fan base to support them. Here are some examples of South African celebs who made their brands work for their businesses.

Pasi Koetle

Pasi k at Gorge
Image: Pinterest

Pasi is well-known for her character as Dintle on the primetime soapie, Scandal. In 2018, she joined the restaurant business by launching her café called Gorge. The grab and go café was at a prime location, at the entrance of the Sandton Gautrain Station and has since moved to a bigger space. Her funny videos and larger than life personality drew more people to want to grab a bite at Goerge.

Pasi K launching Uzuri secrets
Image: CelebsNow

Over the weekend, she introduced us to her latest venture, Uzuri Secrets. Uzuri is a clothing store based in Craighall. We all know Pasi for her stylish wardrobe, she took advantage of that by branching into the fashion industry. Talk about building up on what you already known for.

Thando Thabethe

Thaboodys store
Image: Twitter

Actress and Radio DJ, Thando Thabethe is known for her gorgeous body, this is where she gets her nickname, Thabooty from. Thando took advantage of this by launching a underwear and shapewear brand, Thabooty’s.

Her personal brand as the ‘good body girl’ enabled her to position herself as the go-to person for body shaping and undergarments for women. This is a great example of positioning your personal brand in a way that works for business.

DJ Zinhle

DJ Zintle and her range

Era By DJ Zinhle is a fashion accessory brand founded in 2012. Her career as a DJ is beneficial to the brand because we see a lot of her arms while she is on the decks. This made Zinhle an ambassador of her range.

The Umlilo hit maker started her business as a watch brand and branched into other pieces of jewellery. You can now buy bracelets, earrings and sunglasses from Era.

Your Brand
Image: IP Watch Dog

There are many people who use their celeb status for the benefit of their brands. The key is to always align your daily life to your brand, this makes it easier to monetize hobbies within that space. The three ladies above built trusted personal brands that enabled them to build businesses. Now, the question is, how are you setting up your personal brand for future benefits?

Zulu Nyala-The Ultimate Lush Bush Experience

Zulu Nyala Pool Side

The term “year-end fatigue” is not new to many people. It is that time of the year where we run on our last fuel reserves. Nothing says re-boost more than a holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Zulu Nyala in Hluhluwe, Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) ticks all the right boxes for a well needed scenic rest.

Lodge ariel view
Image: Zulu Nyala

A warm welcome

They say the holiday starts where the trip begins, and I couldn’t agree more. Driving from Johannesburg all the way to KZN is something magical. The views get better the further you drive from the city. 2 kilometers from the lodge, and curtains of trees open up to a world of rest and restoration.

We are met by an ever to helpful staff member who ushers us to our room, where we are welcomed with exceptional furnishing. And a goodnights rest.

Zulu Nyala Hluhluwe bedroom
Image: Zulu Nyala

Rest and restoration

Imagine this: waking up in soft white sheets, with the sound of birds chirping away and a gentle breeze of fresh air filling the room. As if that is not enough, you step out and all you are surrounded by is nature.

A quick 45 minute workout session in a gym with rollaway windows that open up to a view of giraffes and elephants in their natural habitat.

Zulu Nyala Dining Area
Image: Zulu Nyala

Food and beverage

I love my food, the excellent food and beverage department at Zulu Nyala is a bonus. The breakfast and dinner buffet caters for everyone with meals adapted from day to day. Now for one part that most people may be wondering about, the bar. Set in a part of the building that allows you a full view of the sunset, the bar area is the perfect place to have a sundowner.

Balcony View
Image: Zulu Nyala


Whether you enjoy a day at the spa or a game drive, there is something for you at the lodge. You may have established that I am all about the view… and the spa is no different. With services from manicures and pedicures, as well as full body massages. All of this while you are surrounded by greenery and the peaceful sounds of nature.

For more outdoor kind of people, there are game drives with experiences game rangers to track the animals in a non invasive way.

Couple on a game drive

Your next holiday destination

If rest and restoration is on your cards, I recommend that you visit Zulu Nyala to book your stay. Pack those cellphones away, bring out a book and shades, take in the scenery. You will thank me later.

These Brands Are Redefining Partnerships.


The world of Branding is one of many layers, from building and preserving your brand to collaborations. Over the past few months we have seen a lot of big brands collaborating with South African found brands. You may be asking yourself what cross industry collaborations are.

Cross Industry collaborations are those partnerships or agreements between two brands from different industries. This kind of collaboration is rare but there has been a change in the past month. Here are some brands that signed off on interesting cross industry deals:

Huawei x Bathu

Bathu Sneaker
Image: Bathu website

On the 26th of August, Hauwei launched their latest nova series (nova 8 and nova Y60). The features of the new series had Huawei fans excited, but no one saw the big announcement coming. Above the cool features, Huawei fans were excited by the brands collab with well-known sneaker brand, Bathu. It is always good to see big international brands seeing value in proudly South African brands as a way to appeal to South Africans.

BMW x Drip

Drip sneaker
Image: Township News

Drip is one brand that has been making moves this year. This brand dates back to 2003, their resilience is the reason they are making the right noises today. In July, Drip announced a partnership with Hip Hop artist turned to self proclaimed King of Ama Piano, Cassper Nyovest. The collab was through a new sneaker called Roots of Fame.

Fashion meets motoring with Drip’s lastest announcement of a store in the BMW Midrand dealership. This move dropped a lot of jaws as no one expected the luxury car brand to open its doors to a proudly South African sneaker brand. Talk about steps into the fast lane.

Facebook x Ray-bans

Ray Ban and Facebook
Image: Screen Rant

Sunglasses and social media, who would have thought that one product would come out of that…well Mark Zuckerberg and his team have done it again. Ray-Ban and Facebook have partnered to bring us Ray-Ban Stories, Facebook’s first smart glasses. The glasses come in Ray-Bans stylish design, built in with two 5MP cameras and a LED light that turns on when you are recording. These glasses have brought a whole new lens to the social media landscape, one can only wonder what’s next.

The Future of Collaborations

It seems like cross industry collaborations are becoming a norm, with brands from totally different spaces coming together to give us great products and innovation. Could this be because brands are trying to appeal to a wider audience and obtain a larger share of voice? whatever the reason may be, I am here for more cross industry collaborations.

The Truth About Heritage Day

South African flag

September, our gateway to warmer days. it was only fitting that Tourism and Heritage are celebrated in this month. The sun is out, making it possible for nature to repair itself by bringing bright flowers and taller trees. Our rich South African heritage is also another dash of colour during this time.

zulu men
Image source: Viator,com

September the 24th

Colourful African attires and traditional beer are what come to mind when most of us think heritage, but it is more than that. According to the Oxford dictionary, heritage is property that is or can be inherited. Other words that describe heritage include: estate, Inheritance and legacy.

On the 24th of September South Africans celebrate Heritage Day, some without any knowledge of the history of this holiday. According to National Today the history and origin of Heritage Day traces back to the Zulu nation. It all started as a day to commemorate King Shaka for uniting the Zulu clan as well as forming the Zulu nation. The day has since been known as a one of celebrating South Africa’s rainbow nation.

Meat on the braai stand
Image source: The Daily Beast

Heritage Day or Braai Day

The Heritage Day or Braai Day topic is discussed annually. In 2005 there was a media campaign that with the mandate to have the day known as Braai Day instead of Heritage Day. This campaign was spear headed by Jan Scannel, also known as Jan Braai.

Many Black South Africans feel like this attempted name change was a way to take away from the real commemoration of the day by shifting the attention to something totally unrelated. The media had took it from an angle of Braaing being part of South Africas heritage, but this is a topic for another day.

Its your day

The debate around the 24th can go on and on, what is important is your personal decision. It is important to note that heritage is more than culture, it is more about teaching or possessions that have been passed down from generation to generation. So, whether you choose to celebrate the 24th of September as Braai Day or as Heritage Day, its your day… enjoy it in the best way that you know how.

Highlights from episode 2 of the Flourishing Women Edition with Thembi Kgatlana

Thembi Kgatlana

Episode 2 of the Pat On Brands Dialogues: Flourishing Women’s Edition (brought to you by MTNPulse and Lerato Agency) took place this past Wednesday, the 11th of August. We watched Miss Mamelodi Sundown North West 2021, Fortune Mbopo hosting a Banyana Banyana star who has since joined Atletico Madrid, Thembi Kgatlana.

Pat on Brands Dialogues with Fortune Mbopo and Thembi Kgatlana

Humble beginings

Thembi shared her journey from humble beginnings of being a little girl in Mohlakeng (west of Johannesburg) to becoming an international soccer player. Her self-awareness and her knowing that she is destined for greatness started from a very young age. “I knew that I was needed somewhere, I just did not know where”, said Thembi.

One highlight that gave the viewers more knowledge of Thembi’s personality has to be the part where she shared her view around hard work, friends, and education. There is a strong stereotype around soccer players being uneducated individuals. Thembi brought a little bit of light on how she values education. She attributes most of the opportunities she had to have gone to school.

Determination drives excellence

Determination is what separates those who follow their passion from those who choose to follow one path. It is safe to say that Thembi falls under the group of determined individuals. In her matric year, she was selected to play for our national team, Banyana Banyana. She only attended school for 6 months and still managed to pass with an average of 85%.

A lot of lessons came from this Dialogue, like diet, the importance of staying true to oneself as well as knowing when to strike.

Catch next week’s dialogue on Wednesday the 18th of August at 12:00 featuring Nandi Jiyane and Pertunia Sibanyoni. The dialogue will be live on all Pat On Brands social media pages, you could be the next winner for Thembi Kgatlana’s book, titled Strike A Rock.

International soccer star, Thembi Kagatlana joins the POB Dialogues Flourishing Women Edition – brought to you by MTN Pulse

Thembi Kgatlana

For the first time in the history of the Pat on Brands Dialogues, we will be having a soccer star as our storyteller. Thembi Kgatlana will be joining episode 2 of the Pat on Brands Dialogues – Flourishing Women Edition on Wednesday, 11 August 2021 at 12 pm. She will be joining us live from Spain, where she currently plays for Atletico Madrid’s women’s team.

Meet the host

Fortune Mbopo
Fortune Mbopo,

Hosting episode 2 is non-other than Fortune Mbopo, who wears the crown of Miss Mamelodi Sundowns North West 2021. Fortune is passionate about the development of young girls. She has won multiple awards including the Presidential Award Winner for Compassion and work with young girls and women.

A little bit about Thembi Kgatlana

Thembi Kgatlana
Thembi Kgatlana

Born Chrestinah Thembi kgatlana, affectionately known as Thembi Kgalana. She is known as a woman who went for everything that people said she could not achieve.

In her memoir, Strike A Rock, Thembi bares herself open to the reader by sharing her life story. She rose from the dusty streets of Mohlakeng and became a world champion.

In a world where patriarchy is still very rife, were comments like “A woman should be…” or “A woman shouldn’t be…”. Thembi’s world is no different, the only difference is that she pushed through all the closed doors.

Being a black woman is hard enough, being a woman in a male-dominated sport is a whole new monster to tackle, and she did it anyway.

Striking for Greatness

It’s safe to say that Thembi’s career is on an upward trajectory, she went from playing for local clubs until she joined our national women’s club, Banyana Banyana from 2016 until present. Thembi has also played for clubs based overseas, such as the US-based Houghton Dash(2018) and Beigjin BG Pheonix F.C in China (2019) to name a few.

Her most recent achievement is being signed by Atletico Madrid.

Register now and you could win

Episode 2 of the Flourishing Women Edition is proudly brought to you by Lerato Agency and MTN Pulse. Stay on the pulse by registering for the Dialogue here. Three lucky winners will be selected during the Dialogue, prizes include a signed copy of Thembi Kgatlana’s Book as well as two brand new Samsung A31 smartphones.

The Flourishing Women Edition started on a high note with Nompumelelo Satsha and Yolisa Pasipanodya

Yolisa Pasipanodya

The first episode of the Pat On Brands Dialogues: Flourishing Women Edition this past Wednesday, the 4th of August 2021 live on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It definitely started off on a really fascinating note, enough to keep eyeballs glued to the screen.

Flourishing Women
Nompumelelo Satsha and Yolisa Pasipanodya

The dialogue was hosted by Nompumelelo Satsha, who is no stranger to the platform. One could say it’s safe to say that she is our resident Women’s Month Edition host. Mpumi is not only good at hosting guests, but she also engages the storyteller in a way that keeps the dialogue light and easy to take in. In this episode, she hosted Yolisa Pasipanodya.

Leadership is like motherhood

Yolisa is the Managing Director at Meropa Communications with over 22 years of experience in the marketing and communications industry. She shared some enlightening moments from her childhood that shaped the woman she has become. One of the things that stood out was how her mother molded the type of mother and leader she has become. Her personal experience of being a mother also plays a role in her leadership style and in the way that she handles business.

Some examples she made were how a newborn baby is similar to a small business. They need a lot of love, nurturing, and late nights in the beginning. It gets tough, but that doesn’t mean that you give up and throw in the towel.

“The beauty of resilience is about having the ability to get back up when you are knocked down. It is also about confidence”, said, Yolisa Pasipanodya.

Resilience, confidence, hard work, and passion are the recipe for success, concluded, Yolisa.

Remember to set reminders for next week’s dialogue where Fortune Mbopo will be hosting our very own Banyana Banyana player who now plays international, Thembi Kgatlana. The dialogue will go live on all Pat on Brands platforms next week Wednesday, the 11th at 12:00.