‘X Marks the Drop’ with Burger King

Burger King and Pepsi collaborates on a new virtual game giving away renowned Artist African Ginger NFT’s with an estimated value of $260 000. Some things work better together than others, in fact something legendary happens when the right things come together –  like Burger King and Pepsi. Leaning into the power of the perfect partnership, this December 2022 and January 2023 will see the winning combo combine to collaborate with hot Mzansi artist, African Ginger, with ‘X Marks the Drop.’

During these two months, South Africans are invited to take part in a nationwide search for virtual tokens, with an opportunity to win an original African Ginger piece of art and NFT worth $25 000; 1 of 10 000 limited editions African Ginger NFTs (with an estimated total value of $260 000), along with 20 000 free Whoppers up for grabs. Along with this, offers like discount codes or free PEPSI with meals purchased can be won each day.

Seth Pimentel, A.K.A. African Ginger, is known for his unique illustrative style. He creates art with depth and meaning but he is often pushing boundaries by merging traditional and digital work into a hybrid of experimentation. His works for ‘X Marks the Drop’ are consistent with his style whilst still incorporating Burger King and Pepsi brand colours.

Head of Marketing for Burger King SA, Ezelna Jones, says “Gen Z grew up online playing games so combining the world of a digital token hunt and NFTs is a natural transition, especially for those seeking to own an original digital picture from African Ginger. For fashion and traditional art, Gen Z members express their personalities through the digital art they collect, including NFTs that represent their passions. ‘X Marks the Drop’ with Pepsi ticks all the boxes as we offer them the opportunity to be incentivised for doing something they would normally be doing while gamifying their experience with our brands.” 

“I am incredibly proud of the successful partnership we have built over the past 9 years with Burger King and PepsiCo, this Collab of two great brands is one more step to show South Africa how innovative we can be in this channel. We wish all our loyal customers and consumers all the best in their virtual hunt for tokens,” says Martin Charles of PepsiCo SA. 

The virtual hunt is a collaborative piece created by Because Creative Experiences and their technology partners Inner Reality supported with media strategy and execution by Initiative Media.

  ●      To play, go to www.bkxpepsi.co.za on your mobile device or scan the QR code on one   of the posters in store.

●      Register your details and sign in.

●      Identify your closest BK drop or drop a token right in front of you.

●      Open the AR mode to view the token and collect.

●      Click the ‘X’ token in your Whopper Wallet to see what you’ve won.

●      Save the code and redeem it at a BK store.

For more information, head to the Burger King siteX Marks the Drop will run until 31 January 2023.

Brands you wish you knew were South African

It certainly would not be a shocking claim to say that international brands are usually associated with good quality for the average South African. When someone comes across a product that seems to be of quality, it is easy for them to assume that it’s a product with its origin from international countries. This following information means everyone gets to see how the country stand out and innovate. These are the brands we will be highlighting.

American Swiss

American Swiss Picture: Sourced

This first brand is almost guaranteed to make people gasp, mainly due to the name. American Swiss is one of the largest jewellery stores in the country, with multiple stores in different provinces across the country. The company was started shortly after the founder, Isiah Hirschonn arrived in South Africa in 1896. He arrived with a suitcase filled with watches, some Swiss and others American. Soon after, the business opened its doors in Cape Town.

American Swiss really began to bloom around 1967 when Foschini approached the company in order to have American Swiss in its stores outside of Cape Town. At this moment, Clive Hirschonn came to realise how big American Swiss could be if backed by Foschini and Stanley Lewis, so he agreed to the offer of being taken over. That is how South Africa got its own jewellery giant.


Superbalist Picture: Sourced

Another brand that had its humble beginnings in South Africa is the famous online fashion retailer known as Superbalist. What is interesting is that this was not even its first name, the platform was launched as Citymob in November of 2013. The brand platform began to use the name Superbalist in 2013.

The brand extended its reach beyond the fashion industry and into the larger lifestyle category. Superbalist is constructed upon three verticals which is the male fashion, female fashion, and the areas that its customers call home. It released the mobile app in late 2015, and the third of its sales are recorded through it, demonstrating how important mobile is for reaching the millennial market. It’s inspiring to see that much like the US with Amazon, SA is able to have its own online retail platform that became a household name.


Fabiani Picture: Sourced

Dont let the fancy sounding name fool you, Fabiani was founded in South Africa , in 1978. It is devoted to Italian-inspired design and tailoring, as well as distinctive craftsmanship, excellent construction, and striking colours. The brand’s initial concentration was on selling premium suits, but as luxury casual wear, shoes, and accessories were gradually added, clients now have access to a full range of menswear options. The brand has grown to have a reputation of being associated with being more upperclass.

Their online store and their retail locations around South Africa carry The Fabiani Collection. Along with their seasonal in-house designs, they also carry a number of foreign brands, such as G-Star RAW, Happy Socks, and Comme des Garçons Perfums.

Relay Jeans

Relay Jeans Picture: Sourced

Relay Jeans is an original, authentic, and proudly South African brand of denim. Relay Jeans brand is more than simply denim, it’s about all the fashions that go into a denim-centric way of life. In a way it the brand represents a culture. Relay also offers fashion that includes the freshest styles and the newest undeniably denim trends.

Although South Africa has been producing high-quality goods for us, it is never at the forefront when it comes to the most well-known brands, but the country continues to build and create brands every year, bigger brands at that. People need to get know these brands, and to support them.

Top Local brands that collaborated with big international brands in 2022.

Reflecting on the fashion sector in South Africa , it has been a successful year. Some of Mzanzi’s favourite and well-known items have undergone huge improvement and that has changed the way we perceive them. We also witnessed this year’s collaborations that we never expected. It is only appropriate that we recognise the individuals who contributed to the success of our nation when it is eventually time to do so.

  • Drip Footwear x FILA.
Drip x Fila. Picture: Sourced

Drip Footwear CEO, Lekau Sehoana has announced a collaboration with the international clothing and footwear company FILA. He said that the collaboration’s main goal is to provide the local scene an edge from abroad.

  • Thebe Magugu x Dior  
Thebe Magugu bucket x Scarf. Picture : @thebemagugu instagram

The Dior x Thebe Magugu collaboration incorporates both the art of charitable giving and fashion. The cooperation between Dior and Thebe aims to collect money for Charlize Theron, a South African-born actress who runs an awareness initiative that funds South African children in receiving decent education and healthcare. Along with the DiorCamp boots and a silk scarf, the collection includes an oversized t-shirt decorated with the symbol of Magugu’s sisterhood, a bucket hat, a tote bag and the Dior oblique pattern. As people learn about the message and goal of this collection, which is generating headlines as they become more interested.

  • Rich Mnisi x Adidas
Rich Mnisi x Adidas. Picture : Sourced

Rich Mnisi, a South African fashion designer has teamed up with the global streetwear and sports brand adidas to create a brand-new collection that draws inspiration from the region’s history. A variety of his collection is fusing together style, color, and functionality. Each item can be worn individually or as a set to make a statement.

  • Nao Serati x Reebok
Nao Serati x Reebok. Picture : Sourced

Reebok collaborates with Nao Serati in celebration of South African Pride month. Designer Neo Mofammere established Nao Serati in 2014 with the goal of developing clothing that explores the boundaries of gender, art, and sexuality while remaining loyal to its South African roots. Serati’s creations frequently feature enormous silhouettes made of lycra and embellished with colourful motifs and paints.

  • Bonang Matheba x Steve Madden
Bonang Matheba x Steve Madden. Picture: Sourced

Steve Madden has launched its first-ever African collaboration with South African sensation Bonang Matheba. She will advertise the Steve Madden Holiday Select Collection and this partnership demonstrates Steve Madden’s ability to establish trends once again as part of the brand’s build-up to commemorate 10 years in Africa.

Six shoe types and two handbag designs make up Bonang’s holiday collection, which in the opinion of the fashion star, perfectly captures the joyous spirit of a South African summer.

  • Shelflife x Air Jordan 2
Air Jordan 2 x Shelflife. Picture : Sourced

The Air Jordan2 has got people talking and had companies calling to inquire about working with the company. Shelflife took the design for the Jordan 2 and made it their own with some alterations. Bright orange was chosen as the brand colour because it is associated with Shelflife. Each and every member of their crew has left their signature on the sole.

The plate lizard, which is indigenous to the South African region, was substituted for the iguana print that appeared on the original Jordan 2. The footwear contains strong, significant components that tell a South African story.

It has been very interesting to see local brands taking up space internationally, who knows what snowballing effect this could have for other brands in the country. We could see smaller brands filled with talent catapulted into the main stream and hopefully these collaborations are just beginning.

Tastic launched a new line of rice chips and cakes.

Rice Chips and Rice cakes Picture: Sourced.

Tastic is known for making rice all over the country which allows people to explore new recipes with their range. It’s is versatile, convenient and economical, not also forgetting that it is healthy.The well-known South African brand Tastic has recently introduced rice cakes and chips that were created for every snackist.

Tastic hosted a media launch on the 14 December 2022 at Summer Place in Hyde Park, inviting all media houses, giving them the opportunity to see and taste the launched products. At the media launch the Tiger Brands Marketing Director, Thembi Sehloho said that the goal of the new range of rice chips and cakes was to make a snack that everyone could eat as much they wanted without feeling guilty for finishing the whole bag. She also pointed out how the newly launched snacks are a healthier option, hence going with the slogan, “The good you need with the taste you want”.

FunTastic Media Launch

Media Launch Picture: Sourced.

The FunTastic event included the fabulous Somizi Mhlongo as the MC and Chef Nti who introduced the harvest table that had all the flavours of the chips and rice cakes created by Chef Lerato. The harvest table had every rice chips flavour paired with a dip and the rice cakes had different toppings that had fruits on the side.

The event also had Chef Lentswe who was introducing menu for the day that served different types of canapes for the starter and rice with lamb, rice with fish as main course. For closing entertainment, they had Lamiez Holworthy setting the vibes, allowing everyone to have the chance to relax, network and engage with the media.

Thembi Sehloho also said the newly launched rice chips are air popped and have 56% less fat, which will be available in retail stores around Gauteng. The chips are available in four flavours, BBQ flavour, Sour Cream Cheese, Mrs H.S Balls Sweet chilli and Mrs H.S Chutney (which comes in 20g and 85g pack) and the rice cakes which are available with three options: the original, salted and multigrain (which comes in a 115g pack). The products will be going for R9,99 20g, R22,99 85g and the rice cakes will be R24,99 115g pack.

 Brutal Fruit Spritzer Collaborates with Kelly Rowland for a #YouBelong Campaign.

Kelly Rowland Picture: Supplied

The goal of Brutal Fruit has always been to properly represent and be approachable to all women, by genuinely including everyone and It  is truly living up to that mantra by including them in a genuine way and since the start, South African women have responded favorably to the #YouBelong campaign, which features Kelly Rowland and other strong South African women.

Brutal Fruit Spritzer revealed the full context of their campaign with Kelly Rowland which debuted in 2020 and the initiative behind this campaign is an invitation to all South African superwomen to embrace their strength, feel secure in their worth, and realise that they belong everywhere, with anybody. The campaign focused admirably and sincerely on a broad collection of South African women from various backgrounds, professions, and walks of life, the strong, confident, and relatable individuals on the campaign were bound to evoke feelings of self-awareness in viewers.

During Kelly Rowland’s visit in April 2022, the American artist fell in love with the country, as she is also no stranger to South Africa, she has returned again for the 9 and 10 December 2022.

Brutal Fruit#YouBelong x Kelly Rowland at the press conference

Kelly Rowland,Ramona Kayembe & Thando Thabethe Picture : Supplied

The marketing manager for Brutal Fruit South Africa, Ramona Kayembe, is pleased to welcome again Kelly Rowland in South Africa. In order to give people, the chance to meet the worldwide superstar, recipient of four Grammy Awards, a mother, sister, friend, businessperson, wife, daughter, and an artist in person, converse with her, and take inspiration from her presence.

Brutal Fruit Spritzer is developing events, beginning with a press conference that took place at Leonardo Hotel in Sandton, with Thando Thabethe and the Head of Brand for Brutal Fruit Africa, Ramona Kayembe. The actual event that is coming up on the 10 December 2020 will conclude with a once-in-a-lifetime celebration featuring Brutal Fruit Spritzers that will take place in a surprising undisclosed location.

Resilience, hope and faith in adversity – and most importantly rising against all odds.

“I do not give up easily as I am very patient person by nature” – Nkosinathi Fani Masilela

Nkosinathi Fani Masilela has experienced failure so much that he knows it like the back of his hand and has not only seen failure ,tasted it, touched it, smelt it but still refused to be defined by it.

Fani failed so much that failure became something that he wasn’t scared of anymore. Instead of adversity breaking him down, it however did the opposite as he used it to build himself and moulded his strong character and resilient spirit. “Failure taught me patience and the ability to have faith and hope in the unknown,” Fani said.

It may have taken him a decade to complete a three-year national diploma Marketing course, Fani also spent full 8 years running a business that brought zero profits. Born and bred in Siyabuswa, Mpumalanga he was only 14 when he left home to pursue a better life in Pretoria. In 2012, Fani founded Sqomani Authentic Wear, when he was just 21-years-old utilising his limited pocket money.

 He credits his incredible faith and unshakable hope that pushed him to keep trying and pushing again and again until more people warmed up to his brand. “I still don’t know how I managed to stay in a business for 8 years without profit but when you have hope, you have faith as you hold a belief that says the future will be better,” he said.

Fani wasn’t really bothered when his company wasn’t making money as he was having fun while pushing his brand and taking it places. “This is more like a hobby, making money out of it is actually a bonus for me,” he said with pride.

Fani believed he may have failed at love too after a decade-long relationship, which seemed unbreakable collapsed unexpectedly. “I got dumped after 10 long years of dating, so failure is nothing new to me,” he stated. However, the support structure he received from his family and their belief in him despite the many setbacks also played a part in keeping him going with his brand and studies.

Although he felt embarrassed about struggling to complete his marketing diploma, he still persevered and ensured that he completed his qualification. Hope and faith are now some of the core values of his company, Sqomani Authentic Wear which has continued to grow in leaps and bounds. “We at Sqomani Authentic Wear believe that with hope and faith anything situation can change for the better. All one has to do is to put in the work while hoping that the situation will improve and change,” Fani said.

Despite the setbacks he has faced, Fani got an opportunity to dress the entire Drip Footwear staff for their 14th store opening at Phola Mall near Kwamhlanga, his proudest moment so far and he said it was the start of a very good relationship with the Drip brand. Despite the evident hurdles, perseverance, enthusiasm, and the joy of developing things made it simpler for him to remain the course.

Retail is going mobile as customers make online purchases using smartphones.

Following the release of their survey, retailers acknowledged that 95% of their customers now make purchases using smartphones and that 78% of them prefer to communicate with retailers via mobile messaging for convenience.

According to research conducted by Clickatell, It would be ideal if more customers found communicating with retailers via mobile messaging to be convenient. As the holiday season approaches, many brands are considering how mobile-first commerce experiences may increase consumer loyalty. The report also showed that, while consumers try to avoid overspending during the next holiday, there is a clear opportunity to provide personalised bargains and promotions through mobile platforms.

CEO of Clickatell, Pieter de Villers said the overall reports findings point to a chance for retail businesses to interact with customers this Christmas season through the channels of their choice.

The following brands are developing new strategies to reach more of their customers using their smartphones:

Spar delivery Service.

The Spar Group announced the launch of SPAR2U, a new on-demand delivery shopping platform with plans to grow throughout South Africa. This is such a great launch because it seems like every business is becoming mobile and making it easy for people to use their phones for communication and shopping.

The recently launched site allows consumers to shop for groceries and alcoholic beverages online, improving their comfort level while doing so. They distinguished the platform from other well-known retail platforms by making it special for a good experience from customers.

Uber Eats is expanding into their own virtual store.

Uber Eats Virtual store

Uber Eats intends to do more and grow, opening a virtual version of their own food shop and the business, which sells food and other necessities, opened its doors in August of this year. They decided to create a food store in response to the enormous increase that occurred after the service was established during COVID times.

This platform was created at a time when every retail outlet opted to offer their services online, making it simple for everyone to shop on smartphones. Majority of consumers will find mobile retail handy because it allows them to message the retailer directly if they have any problems and this will also help consumers avoid standing in lengthy lineups at the retailers.

Mobile commerce is leading this season and most customers prefer to shop using their smartphones to buy online which has shown higher sales conversions. According to the recent survey by Adoozy Mobile, the founder Kegan Peffer outlined three mobile commerce trends that are driving sales this busy season and they are as follows:

  • Social Commerce – Brands can target their audience on social media sites by using their social ad tools.
  • In-app Shopping -Mobile apps work more quicker that’s why it is preferred than browsing.
  • Added value with CX – Retailers’ mobile CX checklists might contain motivators like personalisation, advantageous in-app marketing incentives, and creative approaches to solve power-related problems.

Given how quickly technology is developing and how many customers find the idea of shopping being mobile and simple a lot of brands will come up with more creative strategies to have retail accessible via mobile.

Nedbank enhances its super app, Avo.

Vishal-Maharaj, Executive: Digital at Nedbank
Vishal Maharaj, Excecutive: Digital At Nedbank

Nedbank launched Avo 3.0, the latest version of its super app. Speaking at the launch Executive: Digital at Nedbank, Vishal Maharaj said the Avo 3.0 was an outcome of over two years learning since Avo was launched in June 2020, and this builds on Nedbank’s long track record of leveraging digital technologies to find new ways to delight and engage customers. 

“We have learned a great deal from our customers and business partners, and we have expanded the platform substantially. Avo 3.0 crystallises all of that growth and understanding. Avo 3.0 is all about introducing purpose into the mix, making it much easier for users to solve real-life problems such as how to access the best power backup solution, for example, or a new car for a university-going child”. He said.

According to McKinsey, the total Africa digital ecosystems revenues are expected to reach ZAR 1.2 tr by 2025 and growing at 8% per annum. Super apps were initially developed in Asia to provide a single platform on which users could access a wide range of products and services. The technology is spreading globally as so-called “app fatigue” sets in, with consumers increasingly looking for convenience and high levels of personalisation. 

Launched in June 2020, Avo 3.0 hit 1.7million registered users this year. Its population of merchants has increased by 37% to 24 000 over the same period, and the gross value of merchandise traded on the platform increased ninefold. 

Mr Maharaj said that while one purpose of Avo 3.0 is to solve customer problems, another is to provide SMEs with access to market backed by state-of-the-art fulfilment, essentially giving a small business the muscle to compete with a large corporate. 

Aside from its growing range of consumer products, Avo 3.0 now also offers Avo 3.0 Auto, a growing marketplace for vehicles with 140 qualified dealers currently on the platform. It will soon launch a Park-and-sell capability to connect private sellers to qualified private sellers and over 3000 dealerships and is set to expand into several SADC countries via its Africa export proposition.

In April 2022, Avo 3.0 released a B2B marketplace to complement the established B2C platform proposition. 

“Our B2B is offering designs to help businesses streamline their value chains. It offers businesses a way to purchase products easily, and we will add services in the new year. But our unique B2B value proposition allows companies who already have a business relationship to use the platform to negotiate price, facilitate and track bulk buying and integrate existing procurement practices such as purchase orders. The platform can even be used by sales reps.” says Mr Maharaj.

Users can leverage the value locked in their debtors’ book by ceding a portion of it to Nedbank so they can access financing for stock purchases without tying up free cash. Buying clubs and franchise organisations can use it as a way to consolidate purchases in order to strengthen their bargaining position for obtaining discounts. 

Mr Maharaj said the strengths of Avo 3.0 as a whole, it is a way in which they can embed innovative finance and payment solutions from Nedbank to make it easier and more cost-effective for users to access the solutions they need. In parallel with Avo Auto’s entry into markets north of the border, they will begin testing these markets for our B2C platform propositions. 

They remain committed to keep on analysing the data they obtain from our customers and business partners to keep on improving the customer experience and make it more personally relevant—Avo’s journey is an exciting one, and it’s continuing.