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A Cultural Reset for the Future Generation

South Africa – The Rainbow nation, our diverse culture is what makes us unique. Far beyond these cultures, spans the custom and social beliefs, that we all have. We spoke to Koketso Kganyago, Brand Manager for Brentwood South Africa. He had a few things to say about the brand that most of our uncle’s rock. 

Man in brentwood hat
Image: Brentwood

History of Brentwood 

A brand that has been seen as the measure of greatness and success by the older generation is what Brentwood embodies. The older generation have embraced it as their swag and put a certain level to the stature of getting dressed in Brentwood attire. With references to Sophiatown, it comes as no surprise that the South African brand being around for over 50 years is what most senior citizens resonate with. 

Pass It On 

Speaking to a younger generation, the Pass It On campaign seeks to teach young men to be the new leaders. Not only that but to also pass on the values the elder generation taught us. The main narrative, focusing on a younger man was to teach them how to be good people. Passing the baton to speak about the world as it is today and what it means to be a leader or to lead. 

Brentwood uncles
Image: Brentwood


For two weeks in September, Brentwood ran a digital campaign to relay Brentwood as a South African brand. The campaign saw different icons from different parts of South Africa speak about the brand. Thobani Nzunza spoke about what Brentwood meant for him growing up in KZN. He also spoke about his cultural perspective as a Zulu cultural man and what Brentwood meant in his community.  

In the same month Brentwood also announced that their clothing will now be sold in John Craig stores. Koketso said that ‘the collaboration came about due to shared values in terms of quality and premium brands. They [John Craig] have a legacy of stylish fashion for men and they share the same target audience.’ 

Wondering what’s next? The brand wants to push the narrative of leadership, what the brand plays as in the community and looking to what the young people will be as leaders. 

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