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5 major brands exploring the metaverse

Many brands are dipping their toes into this digital realm called the metaverse, from digital fashion, NFTs and the buying of land. Facebook rebranded as Meta in the past year showing the significance of the metaverse. The metaverse is described as one of the most exciting and complex landscapes in the history of digitalization and Web3. The metaverse contains all these popular digital sectors such as NFTs, cryptocurrencies and play-to-earn. 

We looked at the five major brands that have set foot in the metaverse.

1. Balenciaga

Balenciaga launched a unit business dedicated to the virtual space, the fashion house created its own video game for its Fall 2021 collection, and they showcased an entire runway with 44 clones of one model. The brand further partnered with the famous video game Fortnite on in-game items. 

2. Coca-Cola 

Coca-Cola launched their first NFT collection in 2021, together with a virtual event in Decentraland. This launch was part of their Friendship Day campaign. After Covid-19 came with restrictions Coca-Cola organized a virtual party on top of their virtual coke can building and visitors could win very rare wearables, and there was an auction of the Coca-Cola Friendship Box NFT package. 

3. Sephora 

Sephora launched its virtual artist app, which uses AR (augmented reality) and facial recognition software to help its customers try on make-up products and see how it looks on them without actually physically being in a store or possession of the products. The app provides personalized step-step makeup tutorials to help customers recreate the looks they like- a fun way to shop. 

4. Disney

Disney parks entered the metaverse with a virtual world stimulator which provided a highly immersive individualized 3D virtual experiences without requiring users to wear an augmented reality AR viewing device. Their MagicBand+ is also a segment of the virtual world allowing users to engage with content like never before. 

5. Hyundai 

Hyundai’s latest campaign advocates for sustainability and the brand targeted tech-savvy individuals through Roblox to give them the digital automotive experience. The Hyundai Mobility Adventure video game introduces people to the thrills of driving and sustainable transportation, the video game was launched in 2021. 

What makes the metaverse different from other online platforms?

Many more brands are slowly entering the metaverse and the next coming years are going to be a revolution in how people interact with brands and their user experience will be transformed in unimaginative ways. 

What interests most brands is the thrill of exploring this new concept in digitalization with different dynamics to it and vast opportunities. The metaverse is currently a blank canvas and many unique brands are bringing their different elements into the aggregate space. 

The majority of different online social platforms and digital spaces are tightly controlled by a single company from their servers and when you exit from one platform to the next you need to sign up with a new identity. The metaverse allows you to use a single identity to travel across the network of virtual landscapes. This concept mirrors the real world just as in the real world you have one identity and one passport to travel across continents. 

Do you think the metaverse will revolutionalize the way we interact with brands in the coming decade?

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